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  1. Phpwebpad
    1818 total visits
    Phpwebpad is a lightweight framework based on the MVC concept What is Phpwebpad? - Php mvc framework - php framework - lightweight php framework - simple php framework - simple php orm- php mysql orm - lightweight php orm- simple mvc php framework - simple orm support
  2. Ultimix
    1612 total visits
    ultimix is a PHP framework for developing web-based applications. It can be the starting point of complex applications like CMSs, portals, ERPs, CRMs and more. It includes multilanguage support, permits management, MVC mini framework, package structure, template engine, javascript library, simple GUI library, caching system, captcha., and more. Features of ultimix:- Object-oriented and highly reusable code- Event-driven programming- Feature-rich Web ...
  3. phpMadani
    1465 total visits
    phpMadani is a simple, fast and secure PHP framework. MVC and modular based. Originally, it's used by our company to develop our software. Now, we want to make it OpenSource.
  4. mocovi
    1878 total visits
    Mocovi is an XML based and lightweight framework which adheres the rules of MVC. The model is provided by an XML file, controllers are written in PHP classes and the view is defined in XSLT. Tested with Apache 2.1.x (Win, Linux) Requirements: PHP 5.2.x+
  5. Pines
    2293 total visits
    Pines, a full featured web application framework with an advanced object-relational mapper, method overriding functionality, MVC architecture, and an advanced package management system. Pines emphasizes speed and flexible/extensible structures. Features of Pines:- User and Group Management- Mass Mailer/Newsletter Component- Fully Themeable- Database Abstraction Layer- Point of Sale Requirements:- PHP 5.2.10 or Higher- MySQL 5.0 or Higher What's New in This ...
    2199 total visits
    ALPHA CMS is a free, MVC-based, PHP and MySQL-driven content management system. It was built using AJAX, PHP , Smarty, JavaScript and MySQL. The ALPHA CMS architecture gives the ability to build complex web pages, add-ons, add language packs or even other CMSs.For now, the CMS is avaiable in English and Greek.Features of ALPHA CMS:- AJAX based- Supports unlimited templates- ...
  7. Itshomi PHP Framework
    1600 total visits
    Itshomi is a new Framework for PHP5 or later, released under the LGPL License. Goals of Itshomi PHP Framework:- Easy to use, yet powerful. It follows the MVC design pattern for separation of concerns and provides a fair amount of code generation.- Promote good development practices. It follows the MVC and other design patterns. In Itshomi almost everything is a ...
  8. BrickOO
    2118 total visits
    BrickOO is an object oriented PHP 5.2 / 5.3 framework. It provides a complete Open Source programming tool set for the development of web based applications that only depends on native PHP features.Features of BrickOO:- Object, singleton management- Native MVC pattern.- Dynamic decorator binding- Dependency Injection- Profile based services- Database services- Autoloading of created classes- Configurable caching- Template engine built-in
  9. No Screenshot
    2109 total visits
    Bubuface php mvc framework is yet a very powerful and highly customizable php mvc framework. Unlike other php frameworks, Bubuface php mvc framework does not take away all the freedom from a php developer.
  10. WebMesh Framework (APIs and MVC)
    2060 total visits
    WebMesh is a framework developed in PHP5 to serve of base for the creation of web applications. It offer an API with several abstractions to facilitate the application development and a MVC pattern (Model2) implementation using Smarty in the View. The main intention to the development this framework is encourage PHP developers to use the PHP5 (truly Object Oriented) and ...
  11. PHPulse
    1974 total visits
    PHPulse is the FASTEST PHP based MVC framework in the world! It is built to be EXTREMELY lightweight and fast with a modular development environment allowing for quick plug-n-play functionality to be added merely by dropping in extra modules. Most other frameworks attempt to try to do everything at once but PHPulse allows you to build or import the modules ...
  12. Tequila
    2309 total visits
    Tequila PHP framework, Create applications in minutes, fast, powerful and clean code.The project implements MVC + OO + DAO's + VO's + Workflow ready, security ready, Multi-database, multi-language, templatable.Features of Tequila:- Lightweight- Full MVC pattern- View strategies- Easy to extend- Reusable code- Multiple database- Multilanguage applications- Templateable applications- UTF-8 Support- 100% OOP- Auto-loading- Robust, advanced security- Code generator- Workflow engine- ...
  13. Puzzle Apps CMS
    2175 total visits
    Puzzle Apps CMS is a Content Management System developed in PHP, using XSLT as templating engine. The project can run on different SQL servers (MySql, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MSSQL soon Firebird) with ADODB or PEAR::DB as DBAL. UNIX/Linux like permissions system.
  14. KumbiaPHP Framework
    1711 total visits
    Kumbia PHP Framework is a full-stack MVC framework written in PHP. It is designed to developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern and other patterns as ActiveRecord and TemplateView. Optimized for PHP programmer productivity.
  15. Leaf Framework
    1734 total visits
    Leaf framework is a Greek open source MVC framework in PHP. The project features simple, fast, with a small footprint, easily extensible using PHP5`s new Object Oriented capabilities and well documented.
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