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    VaselinEngine is a Zend Framework based PHP CMS/CMF solution, it uses OOP approach and MVC design pattern. Zend Framework was used in this PHP CMS because no bicycle wanted to be invented . And for view layer, Smarty template engine was used.Features of VaselinEngine:- Module based solution, and there is no strict rules in module creation- Build in user management ...
  2. FLOW3
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    FLOW3 is an enterprise PHP framework, an offspring from the development of a very comprehensive PHP-based open source PHP CMS(Content Managemen System) TYPO3 to make extensive use of project development paradigms that had not been brought to PHP programming yet. It is a PHP framework to help you with the infrastructure of your application.Features of FLOW3 PHP Framework:- The Object ...
  3. Alloy PHP Framework
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    Alloy is a lightweight REST-centered Hierarchical MVC PHP Framework features for simple and elegant object-oriented design. It is also a modular organization, REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is a core part of Module architecture, and is built-in and accounted for from the beginning, not bolted-on as an afterthought.Features of Alloy PHP Framework:- Lightweight- Modular organization- Hierarchical MVC (HMVC)- REST-centered- Command line ...
  4. Recess PHP Framework
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    Recess is a modern PHP framework that uses a loosely-coupled Model-View-Controller architecture designed and optimized specifically for PHP 5. It is an free and open source RESTful PHP framework project designed to give beginner and seasoned developers a fun and delightful development experience. Recess is fast, light-weight, and has a very small footprint—ideal for LAMP development and drag-and-drop deployment to ...
  5. Rain Framework
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    Rain Framework is a simple MVC PHP framework. The Rain Framework allows developers to build apps with a modern structure that can run anywhere and for anyone. Features of Rain Framework:- Easy to install- Easy configuration- Documentation- Low memory usage- Lightweight size- Sanitizes data- MVC pattern- Extendible
  6. Agavi
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    Agavi is a powerful, scalable PHP MVC application framework. It is a clean, maintainable and extensible. Features of Agavi:- Database Manager- Form Processing- MVC Architecture- Handling Output Variants Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher What's New in This Version:- The timezone database was updated to version 2011n.- It is now possible to manually call shutdown() on any database adapter to close ...
  7. Kohana Framework
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    Kohana is an elegant swift HMVC PHP framework built using PHP5, it provides a rich set of components for building web applications. Very little configuration required in this framework, it fully supports UTF-8 and i18n, and provides many of the tools that a developer needs within a highly flexible system. The integrated class auto-loading, cascading filesystem, highly consistent API, and ...
  8. AlegroCart
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    AlegroCart an easy, full featured and powerful open source e-commerce solution written in PHP and based on MySQL.Features of AlegroCart:- MVC Framework.- Modular Design.- Supports Custom Addon Modules.- Multi-lingual Capability.- Worldwide Country & Zone Support.- Countries and Zones can be enabled or disabled.- Geo Zones for Tax & Shipping.- Multiple Tax & Weight Classes.- One-Click Currency Updater for all currencies ...
  9. TinyMVC
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    TinyMVC is a small MVC framework for PHP developers. It's just a simple MVC structure, not a fully blown framework. Besides some basic code for putting together a project, a small PDO layer is also provided. For more features, TinyMVC can be extended via plugins. What's New in This Version:- Fixed test for existing model when loading.- If PATH_INFO and ...
  10. Croogo
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    Croogo is a free, open source, content management system for PHP on top of the CakePHP framework. Themes and plugins are available for the CMS, allowing easy customization of the presentation and content. Features of Croogo:- SEO- Blog- Pages- Taxonomy: Categorization of your content- WYSIWYG Editor- Attachments (for image and file uploads)- Threaded comments- Email notification- Moderation- Spam protection (requires ...
  11. PHPOpenbiz
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    OpenBiz is a PHP application framework for professional IT developers and consultants to build web-based enterprise applications. Key Features of PHPOpenbiz: - XML Metadata-driven design principal. Developers declare business logic in metadata (zero-coding development) - AJAX enabled browser client, Model-View-Controller (MVC), Object Relational Mapping (ORM) - Eclipse plugin authoring tool Target applications of PHPOpenbiz:- CRM (Customer Relationship Management)- Replacement for ...
  12. DooPHP
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    DooPHP is a PHP framework designed to give you a delightful development experience without slowing down you applications like most frameworks does. Doo tries to be as lightweight as possible and has a small source code footprint. The creator actually benchmarked various possible approaches when building a module and chooses the fastest for Doo.DooPHP is easy to learn and use. ...
  13. Mac's MVC Framework
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    Mac's MVC Framework is comparable to if not better than some of the more well known Frameworks like: Symfony, codeigniter, CakePHP etc. So you can even build Enterprise level web applications using Mac's MVC Framework.Features of Mac's MVC Framework:- Built in CMS- Built in Template Parser Engine- Built in XSS filter engine- Geo-Targeting support using the bundled libraries- Multi-Database support ...
  14. Luta framework
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    Luta framework - is a PHP 5 framework based on Zend Framework with Ruby on Rails like architecture. Framework include:- MVC;- User authentication and permission control;- I18n;- CMS (plain text, wiki and WYSIWYG);- Ajax;- Different config and database setting for development and production version;- Smart URL. Requirements:- PHP 5.1;- PDO extension. Luta framework based on:- Zend framework;- jQuery;- FCKeditor.
  15. Tigermouse
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    Tigermouse is a modern web applications framework for PHP. It relies on AJAX technology, so in pair with being lightweight enables you to build dynamic, responsive and interactive web applications. It is well suited for enterprise-grade tasks because of its strong commitment to server-side business logic processing. Tigermouse does not require any Javascript coding, so you can focus on your ...
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