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  1. LightVC
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    This is a lightweight PHP view-controller (M)VC framework based on MVC principles, but without the M (model) component. Features of LightVC:- Lightweight single-file view-controller framework.- Allows usage of any model or ORM.- Promotes code re-use.- Highly configurable.- Fast.- PHP5 Strict.Requirements:- PHP 5 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Added redirect option to the Lvc_RegexRewriteRouter. See route documentation for its usage.- ...
  2. No Screenshot
    469 total visits
    QuickApps CMS is a free open source CMS (Content Management System) powered by cakePHP 2.0 framework. It has some of the most remarkable characteristics from Drupal like Modularzation, Node architecture, Content Types systeam creation and Field API (CCK). It is a simple application, but robust enough to create and manage virtually any website, from very simplistic websites (static content), as ...
  3. Chyrp
    519 total visits
    Chyrp is a PHP blogging engine designed to be very lightweight while retaining functionality. It has very powerful theme and extension engines, so you can personalize it however you want. The code is well-documented, and it has a very stucture that's loosely based on the MVC design pattern. There are many things special about Chyrp, but the best way to ...
  4. Mako Framework
    330 total visits
    This framework is a free and Open Source PHP 5 MVC. Mako is UTF-8 compatible and easy to use. The configuration of the Mako Framework core is done in the index.php file. Other app specific configs are in the app/config directory. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- iconv- mbstring- PDO What's New in this version:- Added a ORM.- Added Arr::has method.- ...
  5. tgsf
    140 total visits
    tgsf is a MVC Framework written in PHP that is very scalable, allowing the developer to flatten models and views into the controller. Features of tgsf:- A sample app.- Documentation.- Ultra-simple front controller with multiple-application support.- Advanced plugin system.- Useful yet simple API for common functions.- A simple approach to databases that loads super-early - uses PDO.- Multiple database connections ...
  6. EuropaPHP
    214 total visits
    EuropaPHP is an extremely fast, flexible and lightweight PHP MVC framework. It can be used to create complex PHP applications, without re-writing the same code again and again. Features of EuropaPHP:- Striving for blazing speed and scalability- Very small footprint- API- KISS Principle- Respect concepts such as Loose Coupling and Functional Cohesion- Follow widely-used and well-documented coding standards such as ...
  7. No Screenshot
    426 total visits
    This is a rapid application development framework for PHP. Comes with a wide array of plugins and scripts, to reduce development time and reuse code when coding the same functionality.Features of crVCL PHP framework:- MVC- GUI-Components- Ajax- SQL-Builder- SQL load balancing- XML-Classes- Sphinx Full Text Search Engine- XML-RPC Client/Service- PDF and ZIP file supportRequirements:- PHP 5.2.1 or Higher- JavaScript enabled ...
  8. phpBurn
    439 total visits
    phpBurn is a complete PHP ORM and MVC framework. Comes with mapping support between the application and the DBMS. It supports multiples databases, multiples drivers in just one application, making the development extremely fast.Usage instructions are included with the package's README file.Features of phpBurn:- External libs- Views- Controllers- Models- ORM
  9. Mocovie web framework
    186 total visits
    Mocovi is an Open Source and cross-media-publishing framework, based on an hierarchical MVC pattern. The model is provided by an XML database, controllers are written in PHP5-classes and the view is based on XSLT, which allows e.g. HTML output. It's the best choice when you prefer to manage and control your content with XML, you like to program your ideas ...
  10. FreeKore
    214 total visits
    This is an Open Source PHP MVC framework for creating web applications. Works by providing pre-written code, for reducing time spent on an application. Features of FreeKore:- Ajax support- MVC structure- DRY and KISS design principles- Quality web app development- Reduce development time- jQuery UI componentsRequirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  11. Spawn Framework
    219 total visits
    Spawn Framework is an Open Source PHP Framework can be used to creating and running web application. Spawn wants to be simple in constuction, fast, safe and efficient. This framework was built on an MVC structure, with numerous scripts and documented methods.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or HigherWhat's News in this version:- Updated helper Menu - new template- Updated pager templates- Updated ...
  12. PhpPeanuts
    184 total visits
    PhpPeanuts is an Open Source MVC framework for developing database-backed application in PHP, with support for many modern features found in common web applications.It supports high and sustainable developer productivity by default reasoning and the 'once and only once' principle. With phpPeanuts the developer does not build an application from the bottom up. Instead he gets one scaffolded from meta ...
  13. Swiftlet
    298 total visits
    Swiftlet is a light-weight web application framework written in PHP. It is an open source PHP Framework. It enables you to quickly deploy websites that are fast and secure.A plugin installer will allow the developer to add and remove features as he likes or sees fit for his project. The default layout is purposely kept simple to permit quick and ...
  14. IrisMVC
    140 total visits
    IrisMVC is an OOP PHP framework that developers can use as a strong and secure foundation to build on various web applications following the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. It provides the basic functionality developers need, without reinventing the wheel, so the learning curve is dramatically short and they should be able to start using it at full capacity in days.In comparision ...
  15. Pronto
    196 total visits
    Pronto is a PHP MVC web framework, which was designed to ease the development of web applicaions and reduce programming time by encouraging and promoting code reusage.Features of Pronto:- Dispatcher- Page Controllers- Specialized Controllers- Plugins- Internationalization- Templates- Sessions- Authentication- Models- Logging- Modules- Caching- ExtendableRequirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
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