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    litephp is a lightweight PHP MVC framework, which can be used in developing small to medium PHP-based apps and websites. It provides a set of tools that work out of the box, for using when developing in PHP. Features of litephp:- Easy database interfacing- Error handling- Config-based- Templated output- URL parameters handling- Quickly instantiated- Form input validation support
  2. Tessera
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    Tessera is a minimal PHP framework. At under 250 lines of code, Tessera packs a punch when it comes to PHP development. It implements a basic MVC structure, allowing the separation of presentation and logic code inside an app. Tessera is inspired by other MVC frameworks like Juno, Sinatra and web.py.
  3. IntelliGate
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    IntelliGate is a new and unique breed of content management systems built from the ground up to be modular, extendible and simple. The system was developed in PHP with MySQL backend database and is based on advanced and robust MVC architecture making conscious use of AJAX technologies. Requirements:- PHP version 5.1.6 or newer- ionCube Loader 4.0.0 or newer- MySQL version ...
  4. LampLighter
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    LampLighter is a robust PHP MVC framework and an evolution of the older FUSE PHP framework. Features of LampLighter:- Advanced templating engine- Extensible authentication- Manage users, roles, and permissions- MVC based infrastructure- Documentation- Easy database access- URI routing- Easy form building Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- MySQL 4 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Fixed NoActiveUserFound tried to extend ...
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    KISSMVC is a minimalistic PHP MVC framework for quickly developing web apps. The framework is actually made of 3 scripts, one for the model, one for the view and thethird for the controller. Features of KISSMVC:- Light size- Contained in one single PHP file- Only MVC-related functions are provided- Unobtrusive- Multi-database support- Human/Robot friendly URLs
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    PHOCOA is an advanced PHP MVC framework which was inspired by Apple's COCOA framework. Features of PHOCOA:- Built upon a MVC architecture- Separated UI logic- Reuses source code- Data validation- Data sanitation- OO design- Clean SEO friendly URLs- Pagination tool- Sorting feature- Theming system- In-built ORM tool- Documentation What's New in This Version:- Added support for coalescing KVC. You can ...
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    Groundwork is a basic PHP MVC framework for easily developing web projects which comes with most of the basic functionality needed in a web project. Features of Groundwork:- No database required. (Includes MySQL database layer)- No prior controllers or models.- No admin. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- Apache 2 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Setup Stratum as a ...
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    PHBEE is a PHP micro framework for developing MVC web applications. It is inspired by other most famous tools like Zend Framework and CodeIgniter. Unlike them, PHBEE is much smaller, easier to deploy and removes most of the overhead in those tools.
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    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 PWF is a lightweight but powerful framework for creating web applications with clean code and clear architecture. PWF is focused on making the code to make sense in an MVC OOP implementation. Clean URL routing and method used depending on the request type – event. Caching methods and AJAX utilities, database abstraction and object ...
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    King23 is a MVC framework for PHP developers. It will be developed as an alternative to big frameworks that are a little bit over the top for small development projects. Features of King23:- Automated class loading- URL router- Extendable command line task system- Uses SithTemplate Limitations:- Still under heavy development.- No documentation yet.- No database support.- No code generators. What's ...
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    Jeff is a modular, MVC, light PHP framework. It comes with a sample PHP web app, for getting the developer started on his own project.Features of Jeff:- Documentation- Structure- Core classes- Libraries- Modules- Default installed themes- MooTools framework for JS- CSS3 and HTML5 support- Database connectorsRequirements:- Apache 2 or Higher- MySQL 5 or Higher- PHP 5.2 or Higher- PHP short ...
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    liteFramework is a lightweight PHP MVC framework. It allows developers to create PHP-based apps for a wide array of use cases.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or HigherLimitations:- Does not support database interactions. The developer has to add it himself- No documentation.What's New in This Version:- Moving on to PHP 5.3 support only
  13. Helium
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    Helium is a light-weight MVC framework which is designed to be painless to install, simple to use, and highly extensible and scalable. This framework is built for a standard LAMP stack and comes coupled with installation scripts designed to handle the framework's package dependencies.
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    JAOSS is a lightweight OOP MVC PHP framework and stands for Just Another Open Source System.Features of JAOSS:- Database connector- Logger- Sessions- Image manipulation- Email handler- Caching- Error handling, and many moreRequirements:- PHP 5.2 or HigherLimitations:- No documentation yet. Will be available in the future.
  15. Vultur Framework
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    Vultur Framework is a simple, lightweight MVC PHP framework and can be used for developing web apps, allowing developers to reuse common pieces of code, reducing development time.Vultur's main advantage is its very small size, compared to frameworks like Yii, Zend or CodeIgniter.At the same time, the framework was until recently known as the Condor Framework.Limitations:- No documentation.
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