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    Php4dvd is a small yet powerful, php/mysql powered movie data base. You are able to search for all your favorite movies here.
  2. VideoDB
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    VideoDB is a database to manage your personal video collection. Multiple video types are supported, ranging from VHS tapes and DVDs to Blu-ray discs and DivX files on hard-disc. Even video games are supported. It is an Open Source PHP multimedia software.VideoDB allows you to effortlessly maintain and manage your collection by features fetching of movie data and covers from ...
  3. AJAX-FilmDB
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    AJAX-FilmDB is a comfortably PHP/MySQL/AJAX film database. It looks and feels like a Mac OS-X application. Supports database backup and restore. Includes a fully automated graphical installation.
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    PHP Media Manager with IMDB is a PHP media manager for video and audio file collections. PHP Media Manager with IMDB is a powerful PHP Multimedia project. It scans for files, groups them, references against IMDB where appropriate, then allows them to be streamed using Flash.
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    Library Accounting System is a media cataloguing system coded in php, mysql and javascript for books, movies, journals & magazines (music planned). LAS is currently geared torward the individual user, but in the future may introduce features for institutions & groups.
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    PowerMovieList is a PHP/MySQL-script for your movie-collection.
  7. TVEz - Media Library
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    TVEz (pronounced tweezie) is a browser-based system to manage movies,shows and clips stored on local or remote filesystems. Uses IMBD to retrievemovie information; parses file names to create listings. Currently interfaces with Xine.
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    php movie db now is a personal movie catalog.
  9. php4flicks movie database
    1888 total visits
    php4flicks movie database - powerful PHP/MySQL movie database.
  10. Elvizz Movie Database
    2071 total visits
    Elvizz Movie Database is a comfortable and secure list for all your DVD, DivX and (S)VCD movies, which also gives you nice statistics. It uses PHP and MySQL to store its data.
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    Private Movie Database, a movie database system allows users to share the information about their digital movie collections.
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