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  1. IntelliGate
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    IntelliGate is a new and unique breed of content management systems built from the ground up to be modular, extendible and simple. The system was developed in PHP with MySQL backend database and is based on advanced and robust MVC architecture making conscious use of AJAX technologies. Requirements:- PHP version 5.1.6 or newer- ionCube Loader 4.0.0 or newer- MySQL version ...
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    Jeff is a modular, MVC, light PHP framework. It comes with a sample PHP web app, for getting the developer started on his own project.Features of Jeff:- Documentation- Structure- Core classes- Libraries- Modules- Default installed themes- MooTools framework for JS- CSS3 and HTML5 support- Database connectorsRequirements:- Apache 2 or Higher- MySQL 5 or Higher- PHP 5.2 or Higher- PHP short ...
  3. ClanSphere
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    ClanSphere is an advanced web CMS for clan and gaming related pages. This project has grown in the past years and became the most advanced web cms for clan and gaming related pages. It features modul management, template and language switching and so on. ClanSphere can work from a wide range of PHP versions and database drivers. Features of ClanSphere:- ...
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    PHPMyServer is a modular, webbased server monitoring system. Monitor muliple servers at the same time. In the furuture there will be many more features (client monitoring/administration tools/etc).
  5. Modularized Information Environment
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    Modularized Information Environment is a web-based open-source system for displaying and controlling access to information.The project Modularized Information Environment supports multiple users and has a role-based method of controlling access to all the pages, scripts, and gadgets that make up the system.
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    JAMES is a modular environment which enhance colaborative groups by making use of the web. The main feature of the project is to be able to fit heterogeneous systems. Two examples could be E-learning or Enterprise Intranets.
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    Modular Railroad Asset/Meeting Mgmt supports the management and registration of assets for modular model railroad setups. It helps planning meetings as they are performed by the Fremo society (and others).
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    The Modular Site Manager, or MSM, is a free and open source website manager that is easy to use and is completely modular, allowing easy installation of modules such as forums, tutorial system, and more.
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    NedEngine is modular approach to web based content management systems. It started as a project to replace the static pages of the Dutch Linux portal NedLinux, but was released to the public a while later.
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    MWS is a framework of PHP scripts aimed to allow web developers a fast and elegant way to building dynamic web sites. It reaches a full separation between content, layout, and automation through templates and runtime included blocks.
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    Dark Hart Portal, a modular PHP based web portal system. While a stable beta of the portal is available, I am currently in development planning phases of a new core framework.
  12. No Screenshot
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    Webgenerator-X is a complete php/mysql content management system (cms). It's an entirely modular web authoring tool based on a brand new cache and template engine. The program focus on low mysql load, fast processing, reliability and multi-user admin.
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    MyPHPSchool, intends to provide, modular and easy to modify content managment system specialized for K-12 Schools written in PHP, and using a MySQL database. Other Features include a Calendar, a Web Based Gradebook, and Remote File Acess for users.
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    PPCIS is a portal PHP/MySQL Corprate Intranet System. There are several levels of administrative rights, meaning that different people can be responsible for maintaining different parts fo the system. The system has a centrally configured colour scheme and logo, so rebranding is easy. Version 2.0 is a huge rewrite, offering language support, stylesheet support, file searching and many other useabiligy ...
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