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  1. PlaySMS
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    PlaySMS is a flexible web-based PHP mobile portal system. PlaySMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System that can be modified to fit to various services such as personal messaging systems, SMS gateway, corporate and group communication tools. Features of PlaySMS:- Multiple database engine supported (using PEAR DB)- Available for shared database usage (tables using its own prefix)- Send SMS ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    MobileCartly is an Open Source Mobile Shopping Cart Software, which makes it easy for you to sell things on any mobile device! Features of MobileCartly:- Easy Installation- No Database- Customizable- No Programming- No Monthly Fees
  3. No Screenshot
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    KAMESHsoft mobile blog generator allows you to create web pages from your mobile phone. No database required to install and only direct to use.
  4. SlimStat
    622 total visits
    SlimStat is a simple but powerful web analytics program that you can setup and get running in seconds and be able to handle a large amount of data pretty fast and has an AJAX interface that is also optimized for mobile devices.Requirements:- PHP 4.3 or Higher- MySQL 4.0 or HigherWhat’s new in this version:- Faster loading of large amounts of ...
  5. ProdigView
    145 total visits
    This is a PHP Framework for Web & mobile app development. Built on modern web development techniques, ProdigyView reduces development time and allows programmers to reuse their code.Features of ProdigView:- Modules & Plug-ins- Content management system- User management- Database independence- Multiple MVCs- Applications- Templates- Data validation- API- Documentation
  6. Kurogo Mobile Framework
    515 total visits
    Kurogo Mobile Framework is a PHP Framework that can help institution efficiently deliver campus services and information to a wide array of mobile devices. Based on the MIT framework, this Open Source projects provides a modular way to present mobile versions of various data sources in an extendable, customizable fashion.Features of Kurogo Mobile Framework:Included modules:- People directory- News/RSS feeds- Event ...
  7. No Screenshot
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    MobiLog! is a powerful standalone blogging tool that allows you to update a mobile weblog ("moblog") remotely using any email-capable device, such as a cellular phone. You can even send images from your camera phone and have them automatically posted to your web site - a great feature for both hobbyists and online journalists. Additional features include Atom syndication format ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    OpenEMR Mobile, an OpenEMR front end for mobile phones.The mobile website allows authorized users to securely and quickly access the scheduling data of an existing installation of OpenEMR from anywhere via a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Two different versions of the mobile website are available, one for handhelds with full browser support and one optimized for limited browsers.
  9. No Screenshot
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    Crossfire - Webbased Firefly client is a Firefly Media Server client initially written for the Apple iPhone/touch but now supports a whole range of mobile/desktop devices and browsers. It has support for streaming, browsing and searching music.
  10. No Screenshot
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    Adhere is a comprehensive mobile advertising platform. The Adhere Ad Server and the Adhere User Profiles Server are offered as open source PHP Project. It enables various forms of mobile advertising operations from mobile operators to ad networks to mobile publishers, content providers and application developers. With an open source ad server at the core of the platform and engines ...
  11. MySonar
    1649 total visits
    MySonar ist Deutschlands erste standortbezogene Handy-Community mit eigener Whrung. User finden ber ihr Handy Freunde, Flirts, Partys und Pltze in ihrer Nhe. Dieser mySonar-Client (PHP5) nutzt die kostenlose SOAP-API des mySonar-Servers.
  12. Mobile Moodle (MOMO)
    2082 total visits
    Mobile Moodle (MOMO) is an extension to the open source Learning Management System (LMS). Moodle for mobile Learning: Learning with your mobile cell phone at any time and any place. The MOMO (Mobile Moodle) project is an Add-On to the popular Moodle Learning Management System. It brings the ability to implement mobile learning scenarios with Moodle as a backend.Mobile users ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    PHP Kernel, PHP/AJAX/DHTML framework for rapid applications development.Automatic environment recognition: - mobile devices;- SOAP; - XML-RPC; - RSS.
  14. No Screenshot
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    Le stelib sono librerie php per costruire dinamicamente pagine web per PC, palmari, cellulari o telefoni IP; queste librerie sono un insieme di classi che ci aiutano a gestire database, PABX VoIP (Asterisk), mootools , phpPlot etc. Le estensioni delle pagine web possono essere:- html (per browser standard come Internet Explorer e Netscape)- html (per browser palmari come AvantGo)- wml ...
  15. No Screenshot
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    Mdasx short for Mobile Device Access Subdomain eXtend. Access to your wordpress blog from mobile devices at the subdomain wap.domain.ltd (pda, mobile and the like).
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