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  1. AIM Sniff
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    AIM Sniff is a network sniffer specifically designed to pick up messages transmitted using the AIM or MSN clients and their derivatives. All information can be sent to STDOUT or a MySQL DB.
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    Want to add personals to your website? PHP-Personals will help you. A gallery and private messaging system with customizable search engine.
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    Zetchat is a chat script based on PHP and MySQL. Zetchat is a powerful PHP Chat script. Made to be friendly, zetchat is easy to install, to manage and to update.Features of Zetchat: - no inscription required, - free and instant access, - 65 smileys, - html commands, - private messages, - administration area (edit, kick, stats), very long records...
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    phpforumPlus is meant to create and manage a discussion forum board with messages stored in a database.Features of phpforumPlus:- Displaying threads for different forum topics- Letting users to post new threads or reply to existing ones- Restricting the use of limited number of HTML tags in message threads- Message post bodies and the tables' layout customization by defining different style ...
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    MMS Decoder is a class meant to receive, decode, and optionally display MMS messages (Multimedia Messaging Service) on a Web page.MMS Decoder makes it possible for users to create their own MMS services such as MMS picture blogs. This is done by a script that is acting as an MMSC (MMS Server/MMS Center/Messaging Center), which is a server to which ...
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    libSiteMessage is meant to offer a Web based system to send private messages to users of a site. The messages may be organized by storing them in different folders.libSiteMessage uses PHP 5 object oriented features and the PHP 5 sqlite extension to store the messages in an sqlite database.
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    Frosty is a php based application that will allow you to send sms messages to a wide variety of people. Frosty uses email-to-text and google voice and can send a single message up to 100 times to one recipient or to 10000 unknown recipients!Features of Frosty:- SMS Wardialing- Sends up to 10000 messages at once- Cross-Platform- Used as a locally ...
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    SMScryptor encrypts and decrypts messages sent from any mobile phones using:- AES 256 encryption- J2ME MIDP2.0 CLDC1.1- ECMAScript - Apache / PHP / mysql
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    SmileTAG is a shoutbox written in PHP. It has a powerful template system; it's easy-to-modify templates using only simple tags, and no programming skill is needed.Smart auto-refresh automatically refreshes whenever a new message is posted. No database needed.
  10. AlkalinePHP
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    AlkalinePHP is a complete site-engine including site-user management, internal messaging, news posting, forums, site skinning/themes, and the ability to add future plugins/components.
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