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  1. Castor (medical information manager)
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    Castor propone un modelo de operaci.Features of Castor (medical information manager):- Búsqueda de pacientes registrados más robusta- Despliegue en pantalla de todos los controles de embarazo incluyendo los cerrados- Identificación automática de casos de re- ingreso en controles de D.M., H.T.A. y Obesidad- Se agrega el formato 2007 de la Hoja Diaria- Funcionalidad de cancelar consultas que no fueron completadas ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    The Open Source Electronic Medical Record project will help medical professionals develop high quality, efficient and visually tastful documentation forms to make the task of documentation easy, fun and MOST IMPORTANT-->FAST.
  3. No Screenshot
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    Php-ems-tools is a package for Volunteer and small paid Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organizations to provide crew scheduling, roster maintenance and printing, rig checks and maintenance reports and other facilities in an easy-to-use web-based package.
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    TherapyDoc is designed to implement a web based clinical documentation system for Pediatric Outpatient Rehab clinics providing Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology. From initial referral through Discharge.
  5. Key-med
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    Key-med est une application de gestion des patients pour un cabinet médical généraliste.Cet outil, développé avec des technologies web standard, est très simple d'utilisation, contrairement aux logiciels du marché qui sont devenus très complexes.
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