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  1. Digital Media Courseware
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    Digital Media Courseware, a multi-purpose courseware web engine based on php/html/mysql. It is based on previous courseware experiences done for classes at the MIT Media Lab and Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.
  2. WINR - An iTunes Net Remote
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    WINR is a web remote for iTunes (that wasn't redundant). It was developed in an effort to control the music streaming from my laptop. It uses AJAX to emulate the experience of iTunes via the internet. Currently it requires some fancy Apache setup and can only be served from a Mac but a more user friendly version is in the ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    SchoolMedia is a simple yet powerful wiki-based image management system.
  4. No Screenshot
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    mediaman, web media management and server software based on PHP with a database backend.
  5. C-Cramp
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    C-Cramp is a tool for a mysql database with data about music, DJs, shows, etc. for non-profit (college/university) radio stations that play music from hard media (CDs/vinyl). The primary focus is tracking & music and generating logs using a php frontend.
  6. TVEz - Media Library
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    TVEz (pronounced tweezie) is a browser-based system to manage movies,shows and clips stored on local or remote filesystems. Uses IMBD to retrievemovie information; parses file names to create listings. Currently interfaces with Xine.
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