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  1. Second Crack
    373 total visits
    Second Crack is a PHP static blog engine. It reads Markdown files placed inside a folder and renders out HTML content out of them. Even if it might look complex to setup, installation instructions are provided with the included README file. Features of Second Crack:- Content stored and styled via Markdown files- General config file- Dropbox sync- Posting with bookmarklets- ...
  2. Globber
    316 total visits
    Globber is a fast and easy to use/modify blogging engine with PHP, MySQL and Markdown support. If you have installed it and added content, the user must press the rebuild button for the blog to be reassembled and all the changes to appear.Features of Globber:- Caching- Google sitemap- Tags- Spam-filter (Askimet)- RSS2 news feed- Easy template and plugin support- Article ...
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