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    Phoca Documentation is a Joomla! 1.5 Component to display Joomla's articles, categories and sections as a documentation site, e.g. as User Manual, User guide, etc. Requirements:- Joomla!1.5 (stable or any later version)- PHP 4.4.1 (or any later version).
  2. PHP Manual Creator
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    PHP Manual Creator is based on a Cross-Browser WYSIWYG Editor, open WYSIWYG 1.0, and it is a replacement for PDFs or "save as html" for us who want to publish Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer documents on the web. Just copy your Word document from the screen and paste it into the editor, add a filename, your e-mail and a ...
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    Phpman, PHP/MySQL based system to publish your manuals and documentations. It supports multiple languages, web HTML editor (spaw) and real time PDF generation.
  4. txt.page
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    txt․page is a quick and secure way of serving up template-based documents — especially manuals and other documentation — in as small a format as possible. txt․page takes your content, which is in simple ․txt files, and sandwiches it between your header and footer templates. As a result, changing your templates will change the look of every page at once, ...
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