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  1. AjaXplorer
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    AjaXplorer is a PHP rich-client browser for managing files on a web server without FTP. Implements usual file actions, online zip browsing, text files edition and images preview. Users management system and multi-languages.Features of AjaXplorer:- Files manipulation: Upload/Rename/Copy/Move/Delete/Download files.- Bookmarks system- Create folders, create empty files- Edit textual files: code files (js, php, html, java, sql, perl) are syntax highlighted ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    CcMail is a powerful PHP mailing list manager. It doesn't require any database installed nor advanced programming language knowledge. CcMail works as any classic email client. Features of CcMail:- Users groups- Easy installer- Users can subscribe- Users can unsubscribe- Edit subscriptions- Administrator panel- Manage users- Classic email work pattern- Send HTML emails- WYSIWYG editor- Privacy settings- Import users to a ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    Bohemian CMS file manager is a fast and simple script for uploading and downloading and can be used to administer file uploads and downloads. You can login as admin and set which files can be accessed publicly and if public uploads are enabled.
  4. No Screenshot
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    Surreal ToDo is a PHP-based to-do list manager. It allows users to organize items in lists and cross-them out when finished/completed. Features of Surreal ToDo:- Manage multiple todo lists at the same time- Drag and drop item/list/tabs/pages management- Collapse long lists- Organize lists on multiple tabs/pages- Cross-browser tested- Recovery of deleted data- Internal search engine- Themes- Settings panel- Custom date ...
  5. AddressBook
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    AddressBook is a PHP-based contacts manager and will allow an user to keep all of his contact data online, on his own server, privately. Features of AddressBook:- Hold all user contact data- Unlimited contacts- Filtering contacts by alphabet- Login protected address book- Google Maps integration- Graphic installer- User groups Limitations:- Problems arise when installing the script into a sub-folder. What's ...
  6. Pirum
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    Pirum is a PEAR channel server manager and allows PHP developers to setup PEAR channels for their PHP code. It is just one file and a command line tool written in PHP with no external dependencies. Pirum is stable enough to be used by companies like Apache, Horde, Doctrone, Symfony, AWS, PearPlex, Typo3, etc..And it doesn't use a database. Features ...
  7. PhpPathFinder
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    PhpPathFinder is a multiuser php filemanager, with configurable autorization level in one text file (no db required). With the project PhpPathFinder, it is never a hard mission to manage files.
  8. HAE
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    HAE is a php-based file system explorer. It provides a user-friendly interface to browse the content of a HTTP server, close to desktop environments.
  9. No Screenshot
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    JavaScript PHP Window Manager aims to provide a simple web based window manager, using JPSpan and wz_dragdrop.
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