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    Fantastik, a simple application to manage a "Fantacalcio" League.
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    XPWeb is a project management tool (planning game + calendar...) for eXtreme Programming (XP).Light, stable, and very easy to install / use. PHP/any database. XHTML/CSS fully complient. XML export. Integrates with Wiki, CVS... More than 10 languages.
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    Trucking Cargo Fleet Mgmt, small/medium trucking, freight fleet & cargo management system with: dispatch, per load profit, per mile expense, trip sheet, trip recap, and maintenance.
  4. PushOk SEMA
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    PushOk SEMA - PHP based group/project management application. SEMA is abbreviation of Small Enterprise Management Application. By "small enterprise" we mean any business, intellectual most often, with 5-15 workers.
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    Backdraft propose un ensemble d'outils ddies la gestion de projets pour des groupes de travail. Une interface ergonomique exploitant Ajax, CSS, Flash permet l'utilisateur d'organiser son travail en quipe.
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    PhpPwdManager is a multi-user password manager application, written in PHP5 and MySql.
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    Dit programma is naar aanleiding van een opleiding waarin het de opdracht was om een administratief systeem te ontwikkelen. Hieruit is dit opensource project ontstaan wat de registratie verzorgt van een vuurwerk voorraad systeem.
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    Simple CoUrses OnLine Administration, School timetable management, together with students, teacher and classroom administration, pased on PHP + MySQL/PostgreSQL.
  9. PhpMyERP
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    PhpMyERP is a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software designed for very small to small business (enterprise). It manange customers, providers, payments, production inventory, cotizators, asistence, employers, service orders, and equipment i/o. It is devel
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    HalX is a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). It is meant to be able to keep track of all the experimental details of any type of biochemical, molecular biology or structural biology experiment (but not all are available now...)
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    ModsCentral provides a central hub system for Modules based upon the Xoops dynamic open source portal script written in PHP. The XOOPS community has more than dozen official support sites around the world which support non-English speaking user.
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    LDAP Navigator, a web based LDAP administration console to ease directory administrators daily tasks.Features of LDAP Navigator:- a tree view, - a search engine, - edit/add/modify/delete operations, - plus nifty features such as a batch mode,- ACL wizard and more.
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    Bethelite Content Management System is a content management system based on versionrelease-1_2-branch of the PhpWiki application.Bethelite adds user management, site management, and access levels.
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    DesignWorks Project Site is a project management web application written in php and mysql. Unlike many of the other project management packages, there is an emphasis on interfacing with clients rather than being geared towards internal use.
  15. Security-Tools Database
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    Security-Tools Database is an easy to use tool to manage tool-tips. It is a handy tool for security administrators, like me. In my daily job, I find lots of interesting tipps about security tools (e.g. in the web or in several newsletters).Some of them are really worth, to remember, when needed. But how to remember a neat tool, which maybe ...
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