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  1. Sillaj
    2057 total visits
    Sillaj is a PHP time tracking tool. It allows to register time on projects and tasks and create reports and Gantt charts. Sillaj is multiuser and multilanguage, uses a database and is themable through Smarty templates. It is distributed under the GPL.
  2. PMbyAS - Gestione Attivita
    1778 total visits
    PMbyAS - Gestione Attivita is an Italian web-based management system for time/money spold by resources, day by day. Reports "on flight","from... to..." (single day to many years). Single job can refer to customer order, inner or external project; every activity of the company.
  3. Yoxel Systems
    2082 total visits
    YOXEL SW: agile project management, full featured request/bug tracker and helpdesk, knowledge management, FAQ publishing, Q&A community guided search. Yoxel Personal Commitment Manager helps you succeed with projects by leveraging project-related email communication and enhancing team collaboration experience.
  4. ProjectButler
    1958 total visits
    ProjectButler is a distributed multi-user project management software, especially designed for project-oriented companies, and written in PHP4 using MySQL.
  5. ProjectSion
    2942 total visits
    ProjectSion is a web application for project management. With the project, you can manage task and people activity.
  6. IT Project Guide - Risk Management
    2280 total visits
    IT Project Guide- Risk Management, project management with the focus on risk tracking and mitigation.Developed in PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter and jQuery. Very ajax like making for a clean user interface. Web based Client and Team project management tool.
  7. ComUnion ERP
    3967 total visits
    ComUnion ERP is helping small and midsized businesses better manage their operations. ComUnion is a fully functional, open platform for Enterprise Resource Planning and Management. Developed using PHP, Javascript and MySQL. Follows MVC design/architecture.
  8. BibCiter
    1996 total visits
    BibCiter is an online bibliographic manager, to privately manage your bibliography or openly publish bibliographies on the web. Multiuser (admin, edit, external).
  9. Volunteer Management OpenSource Software
    2334 total visits
    VMOSS (Volunteer Management Open Source Software) is a standalone volunteer management system, providing volunteer and project registration, monitoring, and reporting functionality. It was originally developed as part of the Sahana (LAMP) System.
  10. Requirement Heap
    1650 total visits
    Requirement Heap is a web based requirement management application. It allows to enter requirement in rich text, supports versioning and the management of requirements.
  11. TimeSheet4dotProject
    2560 total visits
    TimeSheet4dotProject features for simple easy to use time sheet plug in / module for dot project.
  12. M0n0wall-CMI
    1573 total visits
    Monowall-CMI is an Opensource Central Management Interface for m0n0wall devices.
  13. Science Fair In A Box
    1945 total visits
    SFIAB is a complete science fair management system written in PHP with MySQL backend database. It manages all aspects of running a school, city, regional, etc science fair from registration to awards ceremony.The SFIAB is implemented using open-source tools wherever possible, creating a truly open and customizable product that fairs can modify to suit their needs. However, SFIAB contain enough ...
  14. PhpProjectMaster
    2647 total visits
    PhpProjectMaster is an easy to use web-based management tool for Projects, Tasks, Bugs, Customers, Employees and Timesheets. Integrated Wiki. The project is written in PHP/MySQL+XHTML/Ajax.
  15. QaTraq
    2274 total visits
    Testing complex systems calls for clear task management and control covering everything from defining test plans to writing test cases and recording results.QATraq provides the framework for task management and control, across the whole test process.
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