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    Coopercentral Newsletter is a newsletter mailing list application that allows for both HTML and Text emails, to offer your subscribers an option. The HTML email offers a simple WYSIWYG editor to create a professional looking newsletter. A past newsletter archive is optional, if you would like your subscribers to view past newsletters.
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    CcMail is a powerful PHP mailing list manager. It doesn't require any database installed nor advanced programming language knowledge. CcMail works as any classic email client. Features of CcMail:- Users groups- Easy installer- Users can subscribe- Users can unsubscribe- Edit subscriptions- Administrator panel- Manage users- Classic email work pattern- Send HTML emails- WYSIWYG editor- Privacy settings- Import users to a ...
  3. PoMMo
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    PoMMo is a versatile mass PHP mailing list project designed to add a mailing list to your web site to organize stand alone mailings. It aims to provide an easy but powerful and flexible means for your to manage the mailing list of your site from software projects to shoe stores to marketing firms and much more.Features of PoMMo:- Easy ...
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    Phpqadmin, fast and simple front-end for administering qmail with virtual domains, users and mailinglists with the flexibility of PHP over the website.
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