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  1. iKode Newsletter Server
    7754 total visits
    iKode Newsletter server is an easy-to-use PHP newsletter software and email marketing software created to manage your mailing list and start your email marketing campaigns assistance with high delivery,tracking and analysis function.Features of iKode Newsletter Server:- Fast delivery:How many emails do you have? We can reach 800,000 newsletters per day.- Easy to Install & Use:Easy to install and configure on ...
  2. Animus Mailing List
    1251 total visits
    Animus Mailing list is a PHP Newsletter script that allows you to creat mailling lists that your customers can opt in to. Additonally, when you send out something to your mailling list you have option of archiving it - meaning that people who aren't on your mailling list can see what you sent.Animus Mailling list script can keep in touch ...
  3. DadaMail
    2778 total visits
    Dada Mail is an intuitive, web-based PHP mailing list management system which runs on any hosting account that can execute custom CGI scripts. It works brilliantly - especially when you want to run a verified, closed loop opt-in subscrption-based mailing list that your subscribers can trust.Dada Mail handles double opt-in/opt-out subscriptions, sending complex announce-only and/or discussion mailing list messages, archiving/viewing/searching/resending/syndicating ...
  4. phpLedMailer
    974 total visits
    phpLedMailer is a simple, cool, easy-to-use (once you've done it the first time) single PHP mailing list project - that is, each install of it supports one mailing list. It is very useful if you want to maintain a mailing list for your site, without having to deal with all kinds of nasty setup and complicated administration tasks. One of ...
  5. PoMMo
    3817 total visits
    PoMMo is a versatile mass PHP mailing list project designed to add a mailing list to your web site to organize stand alone mailings. It aims to provide an easy but powerful and flexible means for your to manage the mailing list of your site from software projects to shoe stores to marketing firms and much more.Features of PoMMo:- Easy ...
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