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  1. razorCMS
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    razorCMS is a free, open source, content management system written in PHP used to help manage the task of setting up and running a website without the need for extensive knowledge of website design. It does not require a database engine, the content being stored in flat files on the Web server at a specified location. Features of razorCMS:- Flat ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    Map-IP plots the browsers location using Geo Location Databases. It finds the latitude and longitude coordinates of the IP address and plots it on a map of the world. Map-IP is very easy to set up on your server and has a very small footprint, the full down load is only 60k.Requirements:- PHP - optionally the GD library. What's New ...
  3. No Screenshot
    1769 total visits
    Pal Vibes is an open source community web application which was written by PHP. It integrates Google Map with it together. User can locate themselves and their friends in Google Map easily.
  4. Web Managed Network Database
    2015 total visits
    Web Managed Network Database is a web managed network database containing information on switches, connections by cable, terminations between cables, including building and room locations. The database is searchable by a number of parameters within each group of connections.
  5. No Screenshot
    2001 total visits
    If you want to present the routes of your journeys, show the locations of your offices or any other places of interest, ammap is perfect for you. You can also use it as "hot spots" software. Uses Flash, php, mysql.
  6. Nfg
    1762 total visits
    Nfg, a simplistic web project to enable a user to view and manage files, email, contacts and other information in as many locations as possible.
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