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  1. PHProjekt
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    PHProjekt is an Open Source PHP project management supporting communication and management of teams and companies. It includes a group calendar, project management, a request tracker and localization. Features of PHProjekt:- Handle large amounts of data with a filter system in the list view- Role system limits access to modules per user- Access selection per project, module and item- History ...
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    Stickleback is a general purpose plug-in framework. It ships with tools that allow developers to build and extend PHP command-line and gui applications. Stickleback forms the basis of 'r3', a web app customization and localization engine.
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    The Fresh Toolkit is based on the Mojavi/Propel/Smarty trio and provides CRUD functionalities for any Propel datasource, user mgmt, mailer, localization, and more.
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    WeEn - Web Engine (CMS), this CMS provide full control over site(s) structure and content. Structure and Elements can be stored to DB(SQL) and/or XML storage file. Key Features of Web Engine CMS: - setup access permittions, - full localization/multilanguage, - backup/restore.
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