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  1. Doctrine DBAL
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    Doctrine DBAL is a database abstraction layer developed by the Doctrine project. DBAL comes with many features for PDO abstraction, database schema introspection and schema managementLimitation:- Still in beta conditionWhat's New in This Version:- DBAL Schema supported was heavily refactored to include the concept of "namespaces". This abstracts multi-database useage for MySQL and Schema support for PostgreSQL.
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    The JASPA DOM API is a full abstraction layer for cross-browser scripting. It is written in a strongly-typed language modelled on AS3, and the JASPA compiler converts it into regular JavaScript.
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    DMCA stands for Dynamic Module and Component Administration makes develop the represent layer of a PHP CMS more easy and comfortable. It provides useful APIs and meanwhile supply friendly user interface to create and administrate modules and components.
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