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  1. XP Language
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    XP language is a feature-rich, typed and compiled programming language which is based on the popular PHP language and designed to syntactically support features of the XP Framework. The source you write and compile with it can make use of the XP Framework's foundation scripts. Limitations:- As the language itself is written in the XP Framework, no binary or proprietary ...
  2. CzarNews
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    A free full-featured news manager that allows you to post news effortlessly and easily. Includes: Unlimited users, each with custom permissions, unlimited posting categories, web-based configuration, news search, comments, language packs, word filter/keywords, and a complete auto-installer for a quick setup in minutes.Other features include timezone offset, fully customizeable HTML output, image uploading, and no need to mess with header/footer ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    PhpMorphy is morphological analyzer library written in pure PHP. The project currently supports Russian, English and German languages.
  4. No Screenshot
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    berry is a XML-based interpreted language for many purposes.
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