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  1. Attendance Management System
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    Attendance Management System is a complete system for any organization to take attendance of its staff. This software is web based and easier to setup. First install and set up WAMP or LAMP depending upon the operating system you are using. Then create a database ‘attendance’ and import the attendance.sql file into that database. This will create all the tables ...
  2. PIP
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    PIP is a tiny PHP application framework built for people who use a LAMP stack, PIP aims to be as simple as possiple to set up and use.PIP is very similar in it's architecture to CodeIgniter and will likely look very familiar to you if you already have experince with CodeIgniter. However remember that PIP is a tiny framework and ...
  3. Recess PHP Framework
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    Recess is a modern PHP framework that uses a loosely-coupled Model-View-Controller architecture designed and optimized specifically for PHP 5. It is an free and open source RESTful PHP framework project designed to give beginner and seasoned developers a fun and delightful development experience. Recess is fast, light-weight, and has a very small footprint—ideal for LAMP development and drag-and-drop deployment to ...
  4. WinLAMP
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    WinLAMP: Windows+Apache+MySQL+PHP is not Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP: WinLAMP. WinLAMP is an installer for Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Runs on Windows 2000 or better.WinLAMP also optionally installs phpMyAdmin, SQLyog, documentation help files, and an ActivePerl installer. Mini version installs only Apache & PHP.
  5. Registro Elettronico
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    Registro Elettronico, LAMP application for the project La scuola in Ospedale.Il programma è stato rivisitato da una versione precedente, il codice è stato migliorato in alcune funzionalità, ed è anche pitù gradevole grazie ad un nuovo look 'n' feel.
  6. No Screenshot
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    Payroll processing application for small or medium companies. It allows self-service by employees. Based on the LAMP-architecture to minizime running costs.
  7. myCMMS
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    myCMMS, a free CMMS based on LAMP (and a lot of ideas from Free CMMS)At this time. myCMMS can handle the following maintenance activities:- creating and managing workorders- (IF WEBCALENDAR is installed) we can show the workorders weekly Requirement:- Apache (V2.x)- PHP (V5.2.x)- MySQL (V5.1.x)
  8. No Screenshot
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    LAMP School, Registro Scolastico On Line Open Source.
  9. No Screenshot
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    The HTMLresourceKit is a library of widgets written in PHP wich make building LAMP web-applications much easier. There is a simple table widget to browse through the data, a form widget with autovalidation and also a treemenu widget.
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