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  1. Coordino
    1532 total visits
    Coordino is a selfhosted knowledge software which allows you to create a question and answer system for your and your users to enjoy. Whether you are looking to create a niche question and answer site for comic book collecting or looking for a knowledge base solution for your intranet, Coordino is here for you. Features of Coordino:- A Knowledge Platform- ...
  2. Orbit FAQ
    2468 total visits
    OrbitFAQ is a PHP/MySQL Based Knowledge Base system that allows online contribution, web administration, easily skinnable and is very easy to use.
  3. Knowledge Box
    2532 total visits
    Knowledge Box allows any web user to easily create, configure, and maintain an unlimited number of customizables and extensibles knowledge bases.Features of Knowledge Box:- Unlimited number of bases- Customizable to fit your needs- Keywords management- Integrated search engine- Multi-relational/ linked entries- Easy integration- No code/ DBA knowledge required
  4. No Screenshot
    2155 total visits
    Database of our Owlish Wisdom is an knowledge database programmed in PHP (using MySQL).Features of Database of our Owlish Wisdom:- discussions (threading as you can see in forums)- permission-system- several discussion-categories- notification-email
  5. No Screenshot
    2177 total visits
    Radtracker, a MYSQL-PHP web based issue tracking system built for healthcare but generic enough for most needs.Radtracker is designed to ease the support of multiple idiosyncratic information systems needing their own knowledge base and support mechanism.
  6. phpMyRecipes
    1745 total visits
    phpMyRecipes is a simple Web-based application for storing and retrieving recipes, using PHP for the interface and MySQL for the back-end database. Security and search functions are built-in.
  7. No Screenshot
    2629 total visits
    KnowledgebasePublisher is a knowledgebase software, FAQ solution or just content manager about any other type of articles that you want to publish on your website.
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