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  1. zCI Computer Inventory System
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    zCI is an free and open source web-based computer inventory system. It has client software for Windows and Linux.Both can detect monitor serial number, computer serial number, software information and etc. zCI also includes peripheral inventory and owner.
  2. Asset Tracker - A free inventory management system
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    Asset Tracker, Inventory/asset tracking and management web application. Asset Tracker allows you to track any kind of asset, with a user-configurable number, type, and name of fields. It can hold multiple asset databases, and has a plugin system and simple authentication and access.
  3. No Screenshot
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    FTPdb is a PHP-based tool that makes searching and keeping inventory of an FTP server as easy as possible. It is completely modular, so adapting it to your needs is a snap.
  4. No Screenshot
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    SRSW4IT is about developing stocktaking and reconciliation software for IT. If you want to keep some IT property database or inventory, you might need this system.
  5. PhpMyInventory
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    phpMyInventory is a web-based hardware, software, and peripheral inventory system using PHP & MySQL. Currently stable on PHP version 4xx only! (Not PHP 5).Features of PhpMyInventory:- A flexible permissions system. For example, you can give users the ability to only view PMI data, the ability to view and update that data, or the view to view, update, and delete data.- ...
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