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    Terra-Terra is a virtual operating system, giving the full power of an OS to your internet server.Application developers can build webbased application for Terra-Terra, using its user interface, security system, RTL etc as with any OS.
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    Test Suites Results Parser and Browser aims to provide a web interface (based on PHP/MySQL) to browse and analyse logfiles of Open POSIX TestSuite runs. It will be extended to support other conformance-type testsuites (Linux Test Project, ...) as well.
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    The interface preprocessor for php library provides methods for creating and rendering user interfaces in PHP independent of output format. It features XHTML, GTK, and ncurses. You can create input masks such as forms for databases, etc.
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    EUrl the Easy URL Generator provides a complete handy object oriented interface for creating complex URLs for your web page. It has been designed for Drop-In-Place use with LOTS of flexibility in input method.
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    UpdateAble, simple CMS, focused on ease of use and intuitive interface. Ideal for small businesses which require a web presence.
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    DISC hosting is a Management interface for non-profit webhosting solutions.
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    NaWui stands for Nagios Administration Web User Interface. It is a Web frontend written in PHP to manage Nagios configurations and Database records. Database connectivity is supported using plugins, which simplifies the way records are stored.
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    This database class PHP anyDB provides easy and simple interface to access the most important db function in PHP. It provides implementations for MYSQL, POSTGRESQL, SQLTE, ODBC and has wrapper classes ADODB, METABASE, PEAR and PHPLIB.
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    MUI(MM5 User Interface) is a web based user interface for a numerical weather prediction model written with php and bash scripts and awk for linux OS.
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    PhpMyDVDs is an application composed by a MySQL database and a PHP4 interface, witch provides you a usefull and powerfull DVD management.
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    Tetravex oggserv is a centralised ogg vorbis daemon that by standard comes with a web based interface, but more clients will soon be availible. It functions in the same way as a jukebox. Users can queue up tracks using a client.
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    PHLGUI: PHP Half Life Graphical User Interface. A web based client for Halfd.
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    PhpHL est un kit permettant d'installer un site pour sa Team. Il possede des thmes pour plusieurs mods d'Half-Life. (cs, dod, tfc, hl, ...)Une interface simple et complete (liste des membres, liste des serveurs, news, next/last wars ....).
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    Comet WebFileManager is a complete web-based File-manager with Explorer-like interface.Requirements: - server: Php4- client: browser with frames, javascript and css support
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    DesignWorks Project Site is a project management web application written in php and mysql. Unlike many of the other project management packages, there is an emphasis on interfacing with clients rather than being geared towards internal use.
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