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    CWIS is a portal to organize and share scientific resources and stands for Collection Workflow Integration System and it is an open source system written in PHP and MySQL. It can be used by educational or research groups for organizing online resources about their or related activities. CWIS can be used as a central information hub for a project's related ...
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    Instagram API integration is a script can access an Instagram user accounts with its API. It can send HTTP requests to the Instagram API Web servers using the OAuth protocol to access the account of an user with his permission. The script retrieves a token that it can use to send subsequent API requests to get the user feed, the ...
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    Policyd is a multi-platform policy server for popular MTAs.Features of Policyd:- detailed policy and group specification, - access control, - helo checks (helo randomization prevention and RFC compliance), - SPF, - greylisting, - quotas, - amavisd-new integration.
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    The goal of Openology PHP Application Integration is to provide a way to integrate the many open source PHP web applications. Integation consist of the frontend design and the backend code integration.
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    PHPBB 3 Integration class can access the MySQL database used by a phpBB version 3 installation and perform several types of operations with the accounts stored in it. There is also an auxiliary script to keep the phpBB sessions alive.Key Features of PHPBB 3 Integration class:- Begin and end an user login session- Check if an user is logged in- ...
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    Jbilling-php-api is a PHP 5 API wrapper for The Enterprise Open Source Billing solution, jbilling. This wrapper abstracts the native java JBillingAPIFactory to allow full integration with JBilling from PHP.
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