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    YADS is a clone of the documentation system that PHP uses for its API. Since PHP doesn't have it in a nice package for everyone and their twin to download and install (at least none that I can see), I figured I will just recreate it.
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    MyFWB is a php / MySQL based web-builder, made for very starters in networking, You need to have zero knowledge of coding, just simple Installation wizard and can control your entire site with very user friendly Administrator Control Panel...
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    Atlantis Installer is designed for installing PHP-GTK2 applications onto a users system as an alternative to using PEAR. However theoreticly, it can install anything.
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    With the ZZ/OSS Installer, developers have access to a PEAR-like release management combined with a PHP-based installation wizard. The plugin framework of the installer allows for a customized installation and build system for PHP applications.
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    Easy Site Install is a Plugin DirectAdmin for easy install php script. such as Mambo, Joomal, PhpNuke, PhpBB, SMF, Oscommerce, Moodle, Atutor and much more.
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