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    ClearChat is a simple PHP/MySQL chat block with an HTML-interface. ClearChat is designed for use with PHP-Nuke 6.5 and uses the registered users data in its security system. It is only usable for registered users who are logged in. Users can undock the chat from the site itself so that it operates almost like you are talking to someone with ...
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    ICQ Status displays ICQ status in simple text format. There are situations you dont want to use ICQ's standard indicators that might disturb your design, for such cases this script can be used to show the ICQ status in text formats.
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    SteelBot is an open source ICQ/Jabber bot written in PHP. It is fully modular and easy using, and can use files or MySQL engines as database driver. SteelBot не привязан к конкретной реализации протокола и может использовать практически любую библиотеку для этого. КРоме того, SteelBot может работать как на файловой БД, так и на SQL.
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