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  1. html2pdf
    5108 total visits
    HTML2PDF is a HTML to PDF converter written in PHP4 (use FPDF), and PHP5 (use TCPDF). HTML2PDF Converter is professional PHP PDF software that yet has user-friendly interface. It allows the conversion of valid HTML 4.01 in PDF format, and is distributed under LGPL.This library has been made to assist in the creation of PDF files, not to directly convert ...
  2. No Screenshot
    460 total visits
    Coopercentral Newsletter is a newsletter mailing list application that allows for both HTML and Text emails, to offer your subscribers an option. The HTML email offers a simple WYSIWYG editor to create a professional looking newsletter. A past newsletter archive is optional, if you would like your subscribers to view past newsletters.
  3. Prontotype
    117 total visits
    Prontotype is a PHP framework for interactive, data-driven HTML prototypes, which is heavily utilizes technologies like Twig and YAML. For the starting developers, setup instructions and documentation is provided. Features of Prontotype:- Linked, multi-page prototypes- Realistic URLs- Reusable pieces of HTML code- Make prototype-wide updates- Powerful template inheritance- Mock-up everything- Data structures can be defined using YAML or CSV files- ...
  4. TinyCMS
    550 total visits
    TinyCMS is an open source, lightweight PHP CMS script. It allows you to set-up a basic website easily. Upload to your website, edit the script URL and you're ready to roll. TinyCMS doesn't use a database which means set-up is effortless. If you're stuck and need help, we're here 24/7 to answer any of your questions. Emails are responded to ...
  5. LightNEasy
    496 total visits
    LightNEasy is a simple and light content management system and website builder. It is not only a CMS, it actually creates plain, pure web pages for your whole website, making it SEO friendly and fast loading. Each time you add a page, alter the menus, it regenerates all pages again so that they remain fully integrated. Search engines, like Google, ...
  6. Banner Bar 125
    1816 total visits
    This 125 Banner bar uses PHP and MySQL. Display your banner ads at the bottom of your pages. Choose how many Banners to display at once Banner Bar uses 1 MySQL Database and can be used on PHP or HTML pages. Features of Banner Bar 125:- View Banners- Add Banners- Remove Banners- Modify Banners- Total Clicks- Total Impressions- Click Through ...
  7. No Screenshot
    2099 total visits
    This is a PHP script for rendering HTML contents as PDF output. It can be used to output UTF-8 encoded web pages on the fly.Based on FPDF and HTML 2 PDF.Features of mPDF:- UTF-8 encoded HTML is accepted- Bookmarks and Meta tag information are supported in all character sets- Right-to-left languages are supported- Automatic detection of RTL characters within a ...
  8. Mocovie web framework
    186 total visits
    Mocovi is an Open Source and cross-media-publishing framework, based on an hierarchical MVC pattern. The model is provided by an XML database, controllers are written in PHP5-classes and the view is based on XSLT, which allows e.g. HTML output. It's the best choice when you prefer to manage and control your content with XML, you like to program your ideas ...
    1764 total visits
    PHPDOCX can generate Word documents. From creating highly customized reports by extracting data directly from any database or a spreadsheet to build editable graphs or tables of contents to improve the readability to the document. With PHPDOCX you may immidiately distribute any documentation with the certainty that it will be the latest avaiable information in your database. You can generate ...
  10. No Screenshot
    321 total visits
    ChatPad - Free PHP Chat script for website or Blog. It is a powerful PHP communication tool. If you like to had a shout box that you been handle in your own server and installed service script in your website (PHP in this case). By installing the Chat Pad, you get an interactive communication between your visitor and you as ...
  11. No Screenshot
    1827 total visits
    The php-js-webedit editor is a tool for editing and building HTML pages (relatively complex) from a browser. It allows you to edit the HTML code in a textarea field, and includes a variety of JavaScript functions to assist you for creating links, tables, lists, inserting images, etc.Once you are finished you can easily submit the content to a CGI and ...
  12. HTML_ToPDF
    3215 total visits
    PDF files could be searched and browsed as a sort of notebook to help you to print a page that looks the same no matter what platform or browser is being used.HTML_ToPDF is a PHP PDF class that makes it easy to convert HTML documents to PDF files on the fly. It is a free PHP PDF project. HTML_ToPDF grew ...
  13. No Screenshot
    2079 total visits
    Extended HTML is an extension to HTML based on XML, PHP, SQL and JavaScript technologies. The compiler is written in PHP 5 (so it can be deployed on a web page) and allows the developper to create in one file objets used both on client and server side.
  14. No Screenshot
    1687 total visits
    Supermod is an online html form generator written in PHP that can be used for creating forms online. You can add and modify html element attributes.On the left is a tree for the order, in the middle a preview, on the right fields for modifying elements
  15. PHP Multiple Newsletters
    3351 total visits
    PHP Multiple Newsletters allows you to create a PHP newsletter(s) subscription service. You will be able to create multiple newsletters through this free PHP project, thus offering your users a choice of information about your company/site. Users will be able to Unregister from the newsletter(s) themselves: so there is very little maintenance within the project. Through the intuitive Admin system, ...
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