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  1. OrangeHRM - Human Resource Management
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    OrangeHRM is a PHP script for managing human resources. It is one of the leading open source solutions for managing large employee databases. Also available as a hosted SaaS service. Features of OrangeHRM:- Easy to install- Admin panel- Protected login system- Add extra functions via modules- Manage nationalities & races- Job titles- Job categories- Manage skills and languages- User rights- ...
  2. SimpleHRM
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    SimpleHRM is an affordable, open source human resource management solution for SMEs. It is a free PHP ERP projects. It provides an easy to use, intuitive interface for HR departments, with many features including employee management, leave management, benefits, reminders and more. Companies can benefit from the flexibility of SimpleHRM to track their employees without using pen, paper or (worse) ...
  3. Achievo ATK
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    ATK is a business framework. It is written in PHP, and allows you to build web applications with minimal amounts of code. The only code you write is business logic. ATK philosophy:- Code minimization- Don't repeat yourself- Keep it simple Usage:- The framework is particularly useful for creating business applications; - To manipulate data. CRM, HRM, ERP are all area's ...
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