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    A infoware app. consisting in a GUI (front-end) and Content Management System for storage of projects, offices locations, etc; CSS/PHP/database powered. The GUI is based on the Dominican Republic map, but can be adapted for any country map layout.
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    The WgetBrowserGUI enables you to download files to an Linux-Server from your WebBrowser.
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    DebWeb GUI, web based configuration GUI to "replace" the simplest task of the shell/console for Debian Linux (stable)
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    ColGUI is an Open Source distributed web-based GUI builder aimed at increasing designer collaboration on GUI projects. It can read Glade XML layouts and translate them into an interactive DHTML format for lightweight user interactions.
  5. APIlitAx - An Ajax GUI for AdWords
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    APIlitAx - An Ajax GUI for AdWords is an AJAX application based on the APIlity PHP library, which allows users to manage their Google AdWords accounts in an interactive and asynchronous way. This Free PHP Project behaves almost like a program on your desktop, but runs entirely in your wen browser. APIlitAx is meant to be an example of what ...
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    PhpEselGui - a PHP mldonkey gui, the gui for the eDonkey-client mlDonkey is platform independent and a client-server app built using PHP. The built-in web-gui friom mlDonkey is missing some features (like details)...
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    PHP Gateway is a fully customizable Web content management system. Much of that like PHP-Nuke except, you won't tell if it is PHP-nuke from the gui. Plus, the PHP will be easier to tweak, as well as elimination of the inflation of un-needed modules.
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    PHLGUI: PHP Half Life Graphical User Interface. A web based client for Halfd.
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    PhpPrintAdmin is a printing administration web gui for administrating unix servers with LPRng/IFHP/Samba in a centralized manner (even if you have multiple print servers).
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