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    Admbook is a guestbook written in PHP that uses a text file for storing data. Features of Admbook:- database not required - allows to delete and edit messages through a web interface (admin only) - allows for admin to reply messages (admin only) - parses all HTML tags except: <b>some text</b> <i>some text</i> (can be turned on/off [admin only]) - ...
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    PHP Guestbook script is meant to manage a guest book storing its records either in XML files database or in a SQL database. Currently it supports only MySQL databases. You can use Guestbook script to add new records, delete records, update a record, get and sort records to show up on your website. These methods are independent of chosen database ...
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    This little project came to be when I couldn't find a shoutbox that was quite to my liking. I'm no expert with PHP, and the coding is far from elegant, but it seems to work well enough as a shoutbox/guestbook/chat script. I know it could be improved upon. After a couple of people asked if they could borrow the script, ...
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    Smileys replaces smiley tags with smiley images.Useful for forums or guestbooks. When created it reads the smiley definitions and can be called afterwards. Functions of Smileys: - function smileys($url), - function getSmileys(), - function insertSmileys($str), - function _resetSmileys($str).
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