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    NBook is a guestbook script that is very easy to set up. Features include web-based configuration, auto-detect many variables, and auto-configure. Fields displayed are Date, Name, Email, Homepage, Location, and Comments. Also, URLs and Email addresses added to the Comments are clickable, and wide text is split up so formatting isn't messed up.
  2. PuszGuestBook
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    PuszGuestBook, a simple guestbook based on PuszBaza database (PuszBaza is already included in this script. You don't need nothing more than php to use it).
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    Features of PBL Guestbook:- Web-based administration control panel - Prevent double-posting or post-hammering! - Allow or disallow HTML - Enable a notification email to receive a notice when you get a new post- Allow visitors to rate your site- Emoticon support - Show or log the visitors IP - 5 customizable questions - Choose the number of posts per page ...
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    Glorified GuestBook is a multi-category guestbook or mini forum script with search function and user registration. It is easy to administer and user.Requirements: - MySQL - PHP4
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    Filebased Guestbook is a text file-based guestbook that doesn't use any database. It is solely written in PHP and should run anywhere. Feel free to adapt it to your design.
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    Graphical Guestbook is a simple client-server based graphical guestbook for the Web. The client program is in the form of a java applet so can be used on any machine or served up from a web page. The server is written in php3, to be run on a web server, and archives past entries.
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    FTLS PHP GuestBook is a guestbook program written in PHP that writes the guestbook entries directly to a HTML file.
  8. quickjournal
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    quickjournal is a quick and simple no nonsense journal or notes-taker application.Features of quickjournal:- Quickjournal is all that - Multi-user, date driven jotter - Leave is open and just dump data into it.quickjournal can be used as a journal, guestbook, jotter, diary, brain dump, bookmark store, etc.
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    Drafter classes offers a 'white board' where multiple people can write messages in a draft way. Its intended to build TO-DO lists, Brainstorm ideas, some kind of idea repository or so...As Drafter classes doesn't have very security elements it is intended to be used in a secured directory by a team of people (or one alone). It presents a Web ...
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    Chipmunk Blogger is a simple and powerful blogging script, it features, guestbook, calendar, blog, resume, and custom blocks all in one. It has a powerful control panel so you can decide which options to use.
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    YW Guestbook is a guestbook with tons of features, including the ability to sign and read with a click of a mouse. There are templates for it to customize the looks, and an administrator panel. Admin can make a censored word list.
  12. Angora Guestbook
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    Angora Guestbook is a simple guestbook with a powerful administrator center.... It has lots of features and build on strong ground. It uses PHP 5 and a MySQL database.... It uses several techniques to fight spam, it is multi .language, multi .themes, and even have a mobile version. Features of Angora Guestbook:- Anti-spam measures . CAPTCHA and support for reCaptcha, ...
  13. SiteX
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    With the project, SiteX, you will have your own dynamic site in under 5 minutes! Driven by PHP and MySQL, SiteX consists of photo gallery, journal, guestbook, calendar, links, polls, forums, choice of 5 design themes and very powerful yet easy to use admin panel.
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    Friends, a module for the pSys CMS which provides many community functions like user guestbook, user gallery, buddysystem, own userfields and many more. The complete administration can be do in a webinterface.
  15. OpenGB Guestbook
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    OpenGB Guestbook, a simple PHP MySQL website guestbook, user friendly and easily configurable.Features of OpenGB Guestbook:- administrator control panel, - spam protection,- IP address blocking.
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