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    PhpGACL, a set of PHP functions giving web developers a simple, yet immensely powerful drop in permission system for their current web based applications.
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    Dogfood is an opensource Groupware/CRM browser based system based on the wonderful phprojekt project. The biggest changes we've made are to trash the existing phprojekt mail module and wrote one from scratch. We've also tightened up relationships.
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    UPCASE stands for User Platform of Collaborative Applications for the Social Economy. The UPCASE software is a generic installer of PHP + MySQL applications. Each supported software is considerd as package available via our package-server.
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    GWAAU is a Webbased groupware written in php, mysql. Supports log, events, project management, calendar, todolist, contact management, cvs (file management). Next version includes a rss feed.
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    Phpgw Time Tracking Add On App is an add on application for phpgroupware to provide employee job tracking for customer jobs.To be highly integrated into phpgroupware when finished.
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    Eridu is a web based groupware package written in PHP that aims to provide all the functionality expected of a professional groupware package such as MS Outlook+Exchange or Lotus Notes+Domino.
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