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  1. OpenREST
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    OpenREST is a RESTful web service to access the data in your DB or file using HTTP protocol. It contains also a jqGrid implementation for data presentation.
  2. Unga
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    Unga, grid servers (UGAIM) and management interface for open simulators. It allows to configure an Open Simulator grid easily and it is deployable on any standard LAMP server. And it is both a server system and a backend for configuring that servers. Also, its modular architecture allows to create (or plug) specialized modules programmed in standard PHP.
  3. No Screenshot
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    Hierarchical Grid Site Managment is a web application that is used to manage, update and display information about a hierarchical structure (in the concret case, the sites participating in the SEE-GRID project).Features of Hierarchical Grid Site Managment:- Has a database with information about a hierarchical structure (GOC-->ROCs-->Countries-->Sites-->Nodes).- This information is published to the www by a web application.- Each node ...
  4. Phpgrid
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    PHPGRID is an open source framework designed for PHP programme.The project is suitalbe for rapidly developing DEMO, CRM, OA ,ERP, electron-governing system as well as website background
  5. FBGrid
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    FBGrid is PHP class that allows modifications, insertions, deletions and display rows in a table implemented width Interbase / Firebird Database.
  6. xajaxGrid
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    XajaxGrid is a cross-browser JavaScript grid control that represents data in a sortable DHTML table. This component allows you to design quicky user interface by organizing your data into configurable dynamic grid, buffering and dynamical loading.
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