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  1. Yet Another LDAP Administrator
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    YALA is a web-based LDAP administration GUI. The idea is to simplify the directory administration with a graphical interface and neat features, though to stay a general-purpose program (unlike some LDAP browsers written specifically for managing users on the system).The goal is to simplify the administration but not to make the YALA user stupid: to achieve this, we try to ...
  2. AJAX-FilmDB
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    AJAX-FilmDB is a comfortably PHP/MySQL/AJAX film database. It looks and feels like a Mac OS-X application. Supports database backup and restore. Includes a fully automated graphical installation.
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    Graphical Botanical Database Management Tool keeps track of a very large number of variables in the growth of plants their environment and experiments performed Producing custom reports and displaying images.UPDATE:XGBDMT IS NOW PLATFORM INDEPENDANT.
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    La villa del seis is a multiplatform point-and-click graphical adventure in PHP and DHTML. Also, you can play it like a text adventure (interactive fiction) on a text browser or without JavaScript. You can use the motor to make your own adventure.
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    Finasystem is a Technical Analysis library written in PHP5 (OO) language providing 50 indicators functions for the technical analysis of Financial Markets. We are moving now to others issues: Data retrievers, Graphical capabilitites, etc.
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    BNCwi is a Open-Source webinterface for psyBNC. With it you easily can manage your Bouncer via a graphical interface.
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    MyScrapbook is an unique graphical Internet content management tool That looks and acts just like a book. The PHP program can run using a text database OR Mysql. Webmasters can set permissions to allow visitors to submit pages.
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