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    GooQuiz is a small web based tool to use as a networked googling quiz software and was developed for IT Meet 2011 event organized by Kathmandu University Computer Club on Dec 4-5, 2011.The tool allows any number of users to access the system and participate in the googling quiz. A question is given and its answer has to be given ...
  2. Easy Basket
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    Easy Basket is a free AJAX Shopping Cart with Paypal & Google Checkout. Through the use of HTML, jQuery, AJAX, PHP Core, XML, XSL and CSS Easy Basket has become a true two part application. A developer can easily swith between ASP or PHP core with no change to the designer mark-up, a designer has complete control over the look ...
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    SCMS is a simple content management system. Easy to use content management system containing header, right and left columns and footers. Also compatible with the Google Ads program.
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    Ngeblog can be used to manage Blogger using Google Data API.Features of Ngeblog:- Authenticate using ClientLogin and AuthSub authentication- Submit a new post with a given title and message- Get an entry or the list of posts in a blog starting with a number up to a given number of posts- Update an entry- Delete a given post- Support multiple ...
  5. Polaring
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    Polaring, Webbased software, written in html and php, for viewing exercises recorded by a polar watch and saved in either hrm ord srd -format.New for releases >=00.04.01, Polaring now also supports Garmin (TC-) .hst files!, utilizing the GPS data and Google Maps. To use it, you need to put it up on a web-server -- apache or some such.
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    Pal Vibes is an open source community web application which was written by PHP. It integrates Google Map with it together. User can locate themselves and their friends in Google Map easily.
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    Google APIlity PHP Library for AdWords provides an object-oriented means to easily access and manage the Google Adwords API from within PHP. It comes along with an abstraction from the SOAP and WSDL details. With the AdWords API you can not only manage and organize your accounts more efficiently, easily and smoothly, but also more creatively. Using the API, you ...
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    This is a PHP addressbook web application to store contact details of employees/customers in utf8 format on an intranet or website. The Address Book Reloaded features for Google Maps, distributed management, PDF address books, plugins, styles.
  9. Gallery 2 Google Map Integration
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    Google Map integration for Gallery v2. There is a theme that can be used on any Gallery 2 albums and turn the display into a Google map.There is also a Module that has many feature but the default map shows pictures from every album.
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    Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker tracks a GPS enabled cell phone on Google maps. Project includes J2ME cell phone source and source code to display data on your own website. Choose between .NET and MS SQL Server or PHP and MySQL.
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    OpenBizMap, a complete map analytics platform with task management.OpenBizMap matches user data with Eurostat and Wikipedia to show it on GoogleMaps. Users can send tasks directly from the map.
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    Whit CPComuni you can add to your HTML pages a list of all regions, provinces and city of Italy with a Google Suggest style. Con CPComuni e' possibile aggiungere un motore di ricerca per Comuni, Province e Regioni Italiane, in maniera semplice e veloce.
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    This is the KML share project ("kmlshare"). This project was registered on SourceForge.net on Sep 21, 2006, and is described by the project team as follows:kmlshare is a google maps api based website software. Users can upload kml files to the site, which is parsed and placemarks are stored in database, making the content browsable and searchable.
  14. APIlitAx - An Ajax GUI for AdWords
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    APIlitAx - An Ajax GUI for AdWords is an AJAX application based on the APIlity PHP library, which allows users to manage their Google AdWords accounts in an interactive and asynchronous way. This Free PHP Project behaves almost like a program on your desktop, but runs entirely in your wen browser. APIlitAx is meant to be an example of what ...
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