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  1. GWebmail
    2179 total visits
    Gwebmail is an Ajax powered webmail system with an interface similar to Gmail. It is entirely written in PHP and uses MySQL to store messages. It is modeled after the popular free emai service from Google, gwebmail has a user friendly interface similar to Gmail but you will use this interface to access emails from your own servers ( unlike ...
  2. PhpGmailDrive
    717 total visits
    Php Gmail Drive is a new type of file sharing utility. Unlike typical file servers (say xDrive), it uses Gmail as backend file server. You can enjoy it simply by hosting a small PHP script in your web site without any database. Gmail file space is more than 2GB, so you can imagine you already have such a big space ...
  3. Libgmailer
    542 total visits
    Libgmailer(Class Gmailer) is a PHP Library that allows you to write PHP program to access Google's free webmail service Gmail. It connects the Gmail website and does the data retrival for you, CURL extension of PHP has been used to handle the HTTP/HTTPS traffic.Libgmailer consists of 2 parts: GMailer (libgmailer): a PHP class/library for you to access GMail with PHP ...
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