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  1. weddinglist
    1105 total visits
    weddinglist, an interactive weddinglist where users can choice a gift. This application do not manage directely money.
  2. PHP WishList : Online Gift Registry
    2439 total visits
    PHP WishList : Online Gift Registry, an Online gift registry site that allows users to add/delete items from their wish list and to check off items from other peoples wishlists. Users can selectively add/remove other users from being able to view their wishlist. PHP Wishlist is Amazon enabled.
  3. myGifts
    2106 total visits
    myGifts manages xmas/birthday wish-lists, as well as gift registries for weddings or newborns. People can add gifts to their lists, decide who can(cannot) see them, claim gifts or add ideas to other lists, and much more.With myGifts, Users can :- add gifts to their lists,- decide who can(cannot) see them,- add ideas to other lists,- claim other people gifts.Requirements:- PHP ...
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