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    Atlarius is a design framework and ticking engine for browser based massively multiplayer online turn based strategy games. To cultivate a strategy game by yourself is never a hard mission now with the project!
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    Open Game Panel, a PHP webapp (formerly known as hldstart2) used to manage server softwares, such as, Halflife1/2, UT2004, UrbanTerror4 and Warsow (and many more).Powerful features, great for game server companies, and single users.
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    DarkCity is a MMORPG game, in text mode on the Internet. It is based on the futuristic world of the role playing game Cyberpunk 2020 of Talsorian Games. Today, this game has only a French Version.Descriptions of DarkCity:DarkCity est une ville des années 2020, où la criminalité est un vrai problème, les forces de polices sont débordées et sont inefficaces, ...
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    BbgFramework is a PHP5+ framework designed for browser-based games. With the framework, it is never a hard mission to develop a game by yourself.
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    Basic Maple Story register needs with extra functions updated from Version one.
  6. PhpBlock
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    Php block is a map engine where modules can be plugged. The base of concept is block image caclulate by server and display to user. Currently a dungeon game is included in this project to test system.
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    A Joomla! CSM component to be used as corporation homepage user groups in the MMOPRG EVE-Online with EVE API integration, mining logs, charts, .... The component is fully native to Joomla! 1.5.Features of Pygalle:- EVE API integration- Joomla 1.5 native- EVE corporation activitiy logs- EVE corporation asset analysis- SMS gateway integration
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    Solar Imperium is a evolved port of a old game named SOLAR REALMS ELITE. Now Solar Imperium advanced to integrate with AJAX and AFLAX.
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    Fretsweb is a Contest or Chart Server for Frets on Fire. It is an improved version of FoFCS.It is meant for small communities from 10 to 50 people. It's small, fast, stable and easy to set up. Fretsweb is written in PHP.
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    Tactical Information Center is an aditional website-software for the online game. It is never a hard mission for you to design a web game for yourself with this project.
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    POS-Tracker 2 is a Web-based deployable player owned structure fuel tracking site for EVE Online. It is a project designed for all EVE Online players.
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    FunGamez, a game-site manager with fully customisable design, and easy game adding. It supports user login and more options will be built to make the site fully customisable. Languages used: PHP, JS, Ajax, and used the library: script.aculo.us
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    Sudoku Cheater offers you an easy way to solve your Sudoku. It also generates random Sudokus.Features of Sudoku Cheater PHP:- Sudoku solver- Random Sudokus- Multilingual: English, German, French
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    Ceres CP, to use with eAthena and other Athena SQL based servers with features:- Started char admin.- Added new jobs, more languages.- Possible bug when running 2 cps in same machine, please use diferent names for each.- Jail check to reset position.- Started to change some POST and GET structures.
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    Alliances Manager es una herramienta pensada para facilitar la administracin de las alianzas en el juego de estratgia on-line Travian.
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