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    Blackbeard's Revenge is a single player, multi-user online game based upon the golden age of piracy (1680 - 1720) in the Carribean. The games will feature individual character progression, interactive user areas, and multi-user competition.
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    The Game data is entered via DSKV play lists. In this case, the entry made during the game when they have an existing Internet connection in the office on a PC or your PDA via WLAN or GPRS.Features of Skat Statistics:- Management of any number of annual evaluations and tournaments- Statistical data of an annual ranking or tournament . Total ...
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    RoseWeb, a website management system for RoseOnline Private Servers. Database driven, written for rose evo and irose using mysql databases.
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    Die DWClanTools ermglichen es mit nur wenigen Schritten eine komplette Clanpage zu erstellen, die alles beinhaltet was das DW und Clanleben erleichtert!Features of DWClanTools:- verbesserte Karte (mit Freunden, Klonberichten, etc.)- verwalten der Basisdaten- uvm
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    PHP Mafia RP is a rp brower game where you can join or create your mafia family, and with your friends you manage the rakets.
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    XNova Redesigned is beign Developed using the XNova source code as a base and is designed to provide support for the new OGame skin.Features of XNova Redesigned:- A new combat engine, features, ACS, RapidFire, Bouce Effect, Defense to Debris can be enabled too. (Hopefully SpeedSim based)- Accurate defense rebuild with customisable amounts.- A virtually scratch coded galaxy, with keyboard shortcuts.- ...
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    WUP is a web-based software that is used to play Urban Pacman games like pacman@Lyon. Web Urban Pacman is based on the original idea of PacManhattan, it requires 5 players in the streets, remotely controlled via cell phones.
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    PhxENGINE is game engine/framework written in PHP5 with Smarty Template Engine and PDO.
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    CompWebChess 2 is an open source web-based chess program and application which allows you to play chess over the internet in a turn-based setting, using PHP and MySQL.
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    LiveGMS is a PHP/MySQL driven gene editor for the game Creatures 3 / Docking Station. It provides a platform independent online editor with most features other binary genetics editors have.
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    Diplomacy is a popular turn based strategy game in which you battle to control Europe; to win you must be diplomatic and strategic. webDiplomacy lets you play Diplomacy online.Rules of webDiplomacy:- In diplomacy no army or fleet is stronger than another, and a holding unit will always beat a moving unit of equal support.- The only way to win a ...
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    Zitro-Stats is a tool written in PHP for reading Soldat providing various statistics from Soldat servers' or clients' log files. It is completely written in PHP and is devided in two main parts: update scripts and web page scripts.The update script reads out all log files which are new or have changed since last update and stores needed information to ...
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    Originator is an open source, RPG rapid prototyper for writers to create, alpha test and experiment ideas in the RPG genre of games.Features of Originator - RPG Rapid Prototyper:- Website for Rapid RPG protoyping of stories- Browser based- Can be installed on any OS compatible with apache/php/mysql- Export stories to standard XML Editors (NWN, etc.)- Stories can be played via ...
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    The original free and open source Game Server Control Panel.Features of Game Panel X:- The original free and open source game control panel- SSH2 for Master/Slave server communication- XML Game Import- Stop/Start/Restart Game and Voice servers- Manage custom servers- BASH Remote server scripts
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    WOW Raid Manager, an online, web-based Raid and Group management system for the online MMORPG Game World of Warcraft. The original system came from the phpRaid software. With WOW Raid Manager, you will enjoy more from WOW.
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