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    PHP-Minesweeper is an object-oriented PHP implementation of the game Minesweeper. This minesweeper implementation is fully unit tested. Because of its OOP nature, it's easy to add custom squares instead of mines. I hope anyone finds it useful.
  2. Source Mod Stats
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    Source Mod Stats is a crawler for counting player numbers on Valve-powered game servers. The engine is built on top of the server query tool in the Valve Source SDK which needs to be configured with gaming server details and it will store data in a MySQL database.
  3. Bingoware – Online Bingo Script
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    Bingoware is a free and simple open source PHP bingo software (script) which facilitates the creation, viewing and printing of randomly generated Bingo cards and provides a game play mode, which draws random bingo number and lists all winning cards. It is PHP web game freeware and as such the source code is offered should you want to modify the ...
  4. PHPSGE - PHP Strategy Game Engine
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    Php Stategy Game Engine (phpSGE) is an open tool for creating a php strategy browsergame that you can customize.PHPsge is very easy to use and it has a simple administration panel (for editing the game), and auto istaller.You can easy canghe the style of your game changing the css (that you can customise or dowload). MAIN:- easy style change whit ...
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    phpSoldner is a free and Open Source PHP web game tool to query the Soldner - Secret Wars Portal Server. It can be used to display a list of game servers online currently. It will query single server to generate information about a specific server and its hosted players.
  6. Skrupel User Game Administration
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    SUGA - Skrupel User Game Administration is an extension of the turn-based strategy browser game: Skrupel. It is designed to provide players a means to register a server and open new Skrupel games without bothering the server administrator.
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    Crown of Evanion is a PHP web game, in which you are allowed to raise your very own baby dragon, and then go on an epic journey to become the king of Evanion. Battle other players, trade items, horde wealth, and become the most powerful entity in all the land.When a user registers, they are granted one Dragon Egg, 40 ...
  8. Dominant Creature RPG
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    Dominant Creature RPG is an PHP/MySQL web (browser based) strategy/MMORPG game. With unique creature and PvP combat system. Currently v0.6 is available and will allow stably setup soon.
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    CS:S status and mani ranks class can get the ranking information about the Counterstrike Source Mani-Admin plugin.With the information retrieved by the class you display sorted rankings, show pictures of the maps, and determine wether you can recieve further information from the Counterstrike Source server about general details, server variables and currently playing users.The class does not need a database ...
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    Sudoku is a puzzle that has become very popular recently and has been published in many newspapers. Sudoku is a number puzzle where you are presented with a grid of size 9 by 9, that is subdivided in 9 blocks of 3 by 3. Some fields in the grid contain a digit from 1 to 9.The objective is to fill ...
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    eqEpic is a web based tool for epic quest management made specially for Everquest. Although eqEpic was created for EverQuest it is possible to tailor it for other MMORPG video games that have similar epic based quests or quest systems that are just extrememly lengthy and require some way to be kept track of.Features of eqEpic:- Detailed info for every ...
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    Merchant Empires is a multiplayer, web-based game of space exploration and economic competition. It is a game of strategy, role-playing, combat, and diplomacy. Merchant Empires is loosely based on both Trade Wars and Space Merchant.
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    OFFL (Online Fantasy Football League) is a web application for hosting American-rules fantasy football leagues. Creation of Online Fantasy Football League is motivated by two primary factors:- Information management of each hosted league is automated including trades, waivers, free agents, calculation of scores, standings, etc.- Freely-available fantasy football hosting on the net is all but gone.The aim of the project ...
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    Some Chess was written in pure PHP using a MySql database as a backbone. It is multiplayer only allowing players to play together in realtime or in a correspondence style. Because it uses only PHP it is accessible even to the folks without java or javascript access. Some Chess can be set up as an invite only system (the default) ...
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    The Skrupel KI Extension is an extension for the browser-game 'Skrupel' which provides the option to play against KI-based enemies.The aim of Skrupel KI is to create a class-based KI to enable other developers creating their own KI-players.
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