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    CorePHPAlbum is an easy-to-use web-based image/video gallery written in PHP. It is just organize the image/video files into folders and it'll do the rest. No database, no compilation, modular themeset, multi-languages support, thumbnails creation.
  2. Snipe gallery
    1635 total visits
    Snipe Gallery is a PHP/mySQL image management system featuring (but never limited to!).Features of Snipe gallery:- automatic watermarking, - dynamic thumbnailing, - online cropping/custom thumbnail tool, - image dropshadows, - custom "picture frames" and more!
  3. Gallery2flickr
    2150 total visits
    Gallery2flickr is a plugin for the web-based Gallery2 software. It allows exporting image albums from Gallery to Flickr as well as importing photo sets or searches from Flickr into your gallery installation.
  4. Pigalle
    1517 total visits
    Pigalle (P-I-cture G-A-L-L-E-ry) is a slick web based photo album written in PHP. With Pigalle you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface. A great combination of simplicity and powerful features! Features of Pigalle:- Fully customizable layout and interface (skins support, template based)- automated image generation- thumbnail and image caching- album overview with album description, ...
  5. Camera Life
    2066 total visits
    Camera Life, a full-feature PHP/MYSQL photo gallery. Automatically organizes photos, supports users and privileges, logging and undoing changes to the site, and a simple installer. It integrates with iPhoto, Digikam, RSS, and uses microformats.Features of Camera Life:- Organizing of photos with folder and albums (based on keywords)- Interface uses AJAX when needed (also works without JS)- Uploading of photos on ...
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    PppBLOG is a simple PHP based weblog package with photo gallery. It is based on plain text files and does not require any database. pppBlog started as a collection of add-ons and extensions to SPB but goes its own ways now. The philosophy is the same, keep it simple! It is easy to install (unzip and run) and does not ...
  7. TFTgallery
    2056 total visits
    TFTgallery is a PHP based web image gallery which doesn't need a database. It uses the directory structure for data storage. Features of TFTgallery: - no database (like MySQL) needed Info instead of using a database, TFTgallery uses the file system for data storage. The new cache improves the access speed significantly. - on-the-fly thumbnail creation Info When new images ...
  8. Exhibitae
    2134 total visits
    Exhibitae is a smart solution for large photo storages online. Fast and effective with lots of expand and modification possibilities. Including lots of features, of course is everything optional to let you create your own personal image gallery.
  9. W00t Gallery
    2437 total visits
    PHP Community Image Gallery with easy to use design and extensive functionality. Users can search, rate, comment on and discuss images. Detail, thumbnail and slideshow views. RSS feed, custom skins, user permissions and more.Features of W00t Gallery:- Users can search, rate, comment on and discuss images. - Detail, thumbnail and slideshow views. - RSS feed, custom skins, user permissions and ...
  10. FotoHound
    1688 total visits
    FotoHound is a basic PHP script, that generates simple image gallery web pages. One needs only to push up an image and a thumbnail to a server and FotoHound takes care of the rest.
  11. Zenith Picture Gallery
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    Zenith Picture Gallery, feature-rich gallery that organizes pictures into searchable categories/sub-categories, creates thumbnails and stores individual statistics for each one.Supports user accounts, batch adding via FTP, comments and ratings and language and skin support.
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    The FOSS Gallery is a web based gallery written in PHP that does not require a database.
  13. 2bgalg
    1643 total visits
    Module d'extension de scurisation et de gestion des utilisateurs/groupes pour la galerie 2bgal.
  14. Qdig - Quick Digital Image Gallery
    1864 total visits
    Qdig - Quick Digital Image Gallery presents your images as a web gallery / photo album.Qdig supports directory navigation, captions, converting of thumbnail and alternate-sized images, flexible configuration, and gallery management. Qdig runs stand-alone or within another script.
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    Intellect Board is Content Managment System (CMS).The site based on Intellect Board can consist of sections of different types: forums, photogallereys, articles, news, encyclopaedia etc..
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