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  1. BlogPHP
    694 total visits
    BlogPHP is a powerful and easy-to-use PHP Blog script. BlogPHP includes basic features such as adding blogs, categories and comments. Also it features the ability to upload files, add static pages, add links and much more. Features of BlogPHP:- Blog Subscription- Admin: Blogs (save option, saved aren't shown anywhere except admin area)- Gallery- Message system (accessed through profile page, can ...
  2. GalleryCMS
    1125 total visits
    GalleryCMS is a free CMS for managing photo galleries built on the amazing CodeIgniter framework that is an easy-to-use admin panel to manage photo galleries.Features of GalleryCMS:- No more editing static XML files- Simple install- Can easily skin the admin interface- Easy to change the XML output to suit your application- Can easily adapt for your Flash galleries- Now includes ...
  3. GMFoto
    2718 total visits
    GMFoto is a lightweight, open-source photo gallery script written in php, xhtml and css - which does not require a database.The system is straight-forward to install locally or on a servers - no root access, extra extensions or server configuration should be required.GMFoto is a simple template driven layout and multi-user functionality allows for a wide range of uses from ...
  4. photodiary
    2003 total visits
    photoDiary is a web application originally designed on 2004 by Webgriffe® | multimedia which lets you to easily publish a brand new photoblog on the web.The application frontend is built upon Flash technology and data is managed through a dedicated web control panel, developed in PHP. To run photoDiary on your own web server, support for MySQL, PHP and GD ...
  5. Lifebox
    2732 total visits
    Lifebox is an open source php/MySQL web photo gallery that's easy to implement and looks good.Features of Lifebox:- Multimedia Support Lifebox supports a wide range of image and video formats. Play videos right on the page!- Smart Photo Organization: Rolls & Albums Rolls - Collections organized by photo sessions Albums - Hand-picked collections from multiple Rolls- User Accounts Allow friends, ...
  6. singapore
    1960 total visits
    singapore is a light weight, open source, template-driven image gallery web application features for multilingual. This smallest big gallery is written in PHP 4 and requires no database.What's New in This Release Version 0.10.1 singapore:- fixed template security issue- access control settings are inherited by child galleries- fixed image hits total- updated modern template (see separate changelog)
  7. phpAlbum
    2452 total visits
    phpAlbum is an Open Source PHP project which allows you to create your personal Photo Gallery/Album in just a seconds. All you need is a web space with FTP access. No database is needed. After a few clicks with our phpAlubm.net Installer you are ready to upload your photos, create new directories /galleries, and use your photo album. Features of ...
  8. LinPHA
    2838 total visits
    LinPHA is an easy to use and multilingual PHP Photo gallery/image album based on SQL database(MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite), which can be used to store information about your pictures. It features for complete user management, zip-album downloads, top ten statistics, hiddedn albums, web filemanager with upload capabilities, watermarks, printing, guestbook and much more. You are not required to have experience in setting up ...
  9. No Screenshot
    2023 total visits
    Easy CMS is a content management system that let's you manage a completely template driven site. Add news, galleries, let people add comments and to manage those comments. The formats of the galleries and the news are completely configurable so you can have a site with the look that you want. Now Easy CMS includes features to better manage the ...
  10. Sandbox
    1984 total visits
    Sandbox is a personal website package that provides you with a blog, image gallery, downloads area, and the ability to create miscellaneous custom webpages.Sandbox was originally designed by Sam O'Connor as a simple package to handle some random postings and other small things. When I took over the project around version 1.0, I decided I needed more. Other blog/website packages ...
  11. Yappa-ng
    2221 total visits
    Yappa-ng is a very powerful but easy to install and easy to use online PHP photo gallery for all Operating Systems (Linux/UNIX, Windows, MAC, ...), and all Webservers (Apache, IIS, ...) with no need for a DataBase (no MySQL,...).Features of Yappa-ng:- easy, fast and intuitive _webbased_ setup- Special webbased "Safe Mode Setup" to install yappa-ng on servers with safe_mode enabled ...
  12. Minishowcase
    1566 total visits
    Minishowcase is a small and simple php/javascript online photo gallery, powered by AJAX that allows you to easily show your images online, without complex databases or coding, allowing to have an up-and-running gallery in a few minutes.Features of Minishowcase:- New interface: easier at-a-glance thumbnail navigation and a clean layout.- Simple galleries: just upload a folder full of images to your ...
  13. Gallery
    1852 total visits
    Gallery is an open source web based photo album organizer. After years of development, this is one of the most complete and advanced tools for managing a photo album. Features of Gallery:- Graphic installer- Admin dashboard- Manage multiple albums- Easy photo uploader- Login system- Users management- Slideshow mode- Image comments- Tag cloud- Search system- Subscribe via email to a photo ...
  14. ZkGallery
    2249 total visits
    ZkGallery, a PHP-Ajax web images gallery.Just upload your images to the server and configure a simple xml file. Features: auto thumbnails, image resize, auto play, tooltips with image descriptions, configurable colors...
  15. Zoph
    2337 total visits
    Zoph is a PHP web-based digital image album manager and can be used in various ways, to store and organize photo albums, create product showcases and even keep professional online portfolios. Features of Zoph:- Automatically extract EXIF metadata from the photo- Give every photo a title and a description- Create albums- Organize images by categories- Manage users and access permissions- ...
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