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    It is a PHP framework for creating powerful web applications. It can be used to create a wide range of powerful web applications, starting from CMSs, to web apps and even web services (WS). Meanwhile, it is not the right tool for SOAP or REST services, but works perfect with XML and JSON.Features of Zable:Parts:- Zable CMS- Zable WS- Zable ...
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    liteFramework is a lightweight PHP MVC framework. It allows developers to create PHP-based apps for a wide array of use cases.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or HigherLimitations:- Does not support database interactions. The developer has to add it himself- No documentation.What's New in This Version:- Moving on to PHP 5.3 support only
  3. Helium
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    Helium is a light-weight MVC framework which is designed to be painless to install, simple to use, and highly extensible and scalable. This framework is built for a standard LAMP stack and comes coupled with installation scripts designed to handle the framework's package dependencies.
  4. Mink
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    Mink is a browser emulator and web acceptance testing framework for PHP apps. It simulates all the interactions between a browser and a web application.Developers can write test suites for their PHP-based apps and see how will they perform before actually launching them. Other tools similar to Mink are Zombie.js, Goutte, Selenium or Sahi.Requirements:- PHP 5.3.1 or HigherWhat's New in ...
  5. Behat
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    Behat is a BDD framework for PHP developers. And BDD stands for "Behavior Driven Development" and is an agile software development technique. Behat was inspired by Ruby's Cucumber.Limitations:- For advanced PHP developers only.What's New in This Version:- Fixed formatter language configuration and locale guesser.
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    JAOSS is a lightweight OOP MVC PHP framework and stands for Just Another Open Source System.Features of JAOSS:- Database connector- Logger- Sessions- Image manipulation- Email handler- Caching- Error handling, and many moreRequirements:- PHP 5.2 or HigherLimitations:- No documentation yet. Will be available in the future.
  7. Phraw
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    Phraw is a mini-framework for web sites and web applications. It's open source, fast, flexible and has a very small footprint.Features of Phraw:- Very small and lighweight core - only 6.9 KB (130 lines of code)!- Flexible - you have the full control of the application- Very fast to learn - documented code and examples (more guides and recipes will ...
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    The Blackwolf Project is a PHP 5 webite content management framework, which is an experimental PHP Framework/Library used to build dynamic websites.Features of Blackwolf:- Templates and Themes- Database Access- Output Stream Control- Error Detection & InterceptionInstallation:- Extract all of the files from the archive.- Upload all of the files to a web server that has PHP 5.0+ enabled.
  9. Vultur Framework
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    Vultur Framework is a simple, lightweight MVC PHP framework and can be used for developing web apps, allowing developers to reuse common pieces of code, reducing development time.Vultur's main advantage is its very small size, compared to frameworks like Yii, Zend or CodeIgniter.At the same time, the framework was until recently known as the Condor Framework.Limitations:- No documentation.
  10. Slim
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    The framework comes with lots of useful features out of the box and is perfect for building RESTful web applications.Slim created by Josh Lockhart is inspired by Ruby's Sinatra framework.Features of Slim Framework:- http caching- HTTP routing- Named route- Route passing- Route redirects- Route halting- Middleware & Hooks- Custom views- Custom 404 page- Custom 500 page- Error and exception handling- ...
  11. LightVC
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    This is a lightweight PHP view-controller (M)VC framework based on MVC principles, but without the M (model) component. Features of LightVC:- Lightweight single-file view-controller framework.- Allows usage of any model or ORM.- Promotes code re-use.- Highly configurable.- Fast.- PHP5 Strict.Requirements:- PHP 5 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Added redirect option to the Lvc_RegexRewriteRouter. See route documentation for its usage.- ...
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    QuickApps CMS is a free open source CMS (Content Management System) powered by cakePHP 2.0 framework. It has some of the most remarkable characteristics from Drupal like Modularzation, Node architecture, Content Types systeam creation and Field API (CCK). It is a simple application, but robust enough to create and manage virtually any website, from very simplistic websites (static content), as ...
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    This is a framework for converting PHP code to JavaScript. Harmony allows to run PHP-like code on the client's side. It uses MooTools to support object orientated porgramming and php.js to handle PHP functions in JavaScript. Also includes Harmony XML(Flex MXML-like language) and Harmony Tookit with ready to use components. Inspired by GWT.Requirements:- JavaScript enabled on client side.
  14. Atomik framework
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    Atomik is an one-file PHP framework, which is a great tool for developing small to medium PHP web applications. Features of Atomik:- Build with the KISS principle in mind- Download and start, no configuration- Simple and powerful API- Contains everything to create a website- Great plugin system- Perfect for small/medium web sites- Manage database connection and cache- Divide application logic ...
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    PHP Quick is an extensible barebones web application development framework for PHP. PHP Quick is a lightweight, highly extensible PHP development framework with search engine friendly URLs and exceptional performance.
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