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    SUIT Framework allows defining the syntax of the template place holder marks, like start and end characters, section end characters, escape characters, and nodes that define PHP code to run when processing sections enclosed with given start and end characters.Templates can be read from a specified path, their syntax can be processed and the results can be returned as a ...
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    To facilitate rapid ecommerce, intranet and corporate website features into a postnuke framework - these will hopefully be moved into postnuke core.
  3. PUnit - Unit Testing Framework
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    PUnit, an elegant, lightweight unit testing framework for PHP 5.
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    Functions of PoundCake Control Panel (CakePHP plugin):- admin panel for users and groups management, - dynamic database driven ACL menus generation and management, - permissions assignment to users and groups.
  5. Share Big Files over the Internet
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    BigFileSharing is a simple webService based on PhPLightFramework designed to transfer big files the easy way. Files can be protected by passwords, and URL's to acces files are composed with md5 checksum. Features of Share Big Files over the Internet:- Simple user Web-form- Upload Progress-Bar, usefull for huge files and/or slow networks- Upload big Files (until your webserver limit)- Get ...
  6. Molly
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    Molly is a system and architecture for building dynamic database-backed web sites easily using HTML and simple MAML (XML) tags.Molly is written in PHP and works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, & ODBC databases, and runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows.
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    PHP Toolbox is designed to make the process of creating database-powered websites easier. It utilizes the iterative or step-by-step development paradigm. The main functionality is handled by powerful Table/Form classes and their database descendants.
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