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    SoftX PHP web framework aka WebSuit is a simple but advanced PHP framework to build websites in minutes. Fully text file driven configuration.Using AJAX and many advanced features. Very very simple to configure. No programming knowledge required! Complete database abstraction.
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    Gumbo PHP Library/Framework is a PHP5 Library containing interfaces and classes that assist programmers in software development.
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    fxFramework is an easy to use PHP web development framework. With fxFramework you can develop great web applications and interactive web sites in a shorter time. It also has database support using the ADOdb library.
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    Respice - platform PT is a PHP5 web application framework.
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    Lanai is an extensible, OO (Object Oriented), easy to use dynamic web content management system written in PHP. Lanai is the ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, and much more.
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    GilliGan - don't stay on your island is a PHP-Framework to create and handle html. The focus is to build forms with their items, like text inputs, checkboxes, date selects etc. and process this data with databases, email, files and ftp. Support for code assist, cause javadoc-style.
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    jPOP is a simple but powerful Ajax and RIA framework for PHP. It requires absolutely no coding on the client-side. By minimizing effort and time, and maximizing elegance and readability of code, sleek web apps are attainable by the average PHP developer.
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    Dbscript is a new PHP framework for composing distributed collaborative Semantic Web applications with Microformats, OpenID and REST Web services and Qooxdoo Ajax Toolkit.Install:- log on wget dbscript.net/latest.zip, - unzip latest.zip, - vi db/config.yml
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    Diamond PHP Framework is a PHP java-like classes framework, designed to ease life for a day-to-day PHP web programming, based on PHP5 programming language. Designed to build powerful web applications with ease.
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    Gnujiko is a web-based framework for creating various managerial applications. It developed in AJAX, under GNU/GPL license.Is a station for creating your own applications.
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    NoLess is a framework written in PHP integrated with JavaScript. The purpose is to create a lightweight server-friendly versatile tool that can be used for creating any type of object-oriented web application.
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    PHP Rapid Application Development is a rapid Application Development for creation of OO pages, embedding external classes, and form generation / validation.
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    EXtensible Production Suite (XPS) is a web-based technology that is dedicated to reducing web development time and cost. EXtensible Production Suite (XPS) is a robust and secure engine that powers modular technologies such as news feeds, document editors, forums and real-time chats.
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    FleaPHP is an easier understand and useable,more extensible PHP Framework.
  15. astwebpanel
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    astwebpanel, web framework for configuration and management of Asterisk systems.
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