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    SKYNET is a Web Framework based on PHP designed for create and manage management applications.
  2. Legato Web Framework
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    Legato is above all a fast and lightweight, complete Web framework offering both server-side (PHP 5) and client-side (JavaScript) components to ease in the development and maintenance of today's demanding Web sites. The codebase is tight, well commented and rapidly being developed. It's currently in the pre-alpha stages and we would love your feedback on the components that make up ...
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    The Leapon Web Development Framework is a PHP5 based web framework that allow quick creation and maintenance of web content.The goal of The Leapon Web Development Framework is to let user create a data-driven web application using web tools provided by the Leapon framework.
  4. PHP MySQL AJAX Data Modifier
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    PHP MySQL AJAX Data Modifier is a framework for displaying MySQL data over a PHP driven AJAX user-interface, allowing the user to modify data dynamically and page through results. The project is a multi-user platform with active synchronization between user windows.
  5. Xinc - Continuous Integration for PHP
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    Xinc is a free open source continuous integration server written in PHP 5. The builder of choice is Phing and it comes with builtin SVN support. Currently Xinc 2.0 is under heavy development. A final version of Xinc 2.0 will be released sooner.
  6. PRADO PHP Framework
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    PRADO is a component-based and event-driven programming framework for developing Web applications in PHP 5.PRADO provides the following benefits for Web application developers:- reusability - Codes following the PRADO component protocol are highly reusable. Everything in PRADO is a reusable component.- ease of use - Creating and using components are extremely easy. Usually they simply involve configuring component properties.- robustness ...
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    PHP Kernel, PHP/AJAX/DHTML framework for rapid applications development.Automatic environment recognition: - mobile devices;- SOAP; - XML-RPC; - RSS.
  8. Energine
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    Energine is XML based PHP5 content management framework. Energine provides a convenient tool for creating web applications with features: - multilingual support; - differentiation of human rights; - the visual text eidtor;- working with files; - managing site structure; - module online store.
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    Groux is another PHP MVC framework.Goals of Groux: - cakephp's style, - lightweight, strength javascript/ajax integration,- OO and Coded in PHP5, - ready to move to PHP6.dbo, - url routing, - many helpers, - debugging tools, - scaffolding..
  10. Radria
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    Radria (Rapid Development of Rich Internet Applications) is a collection of RAD tools, 100% web based, to build web applications faster. WYSIWYG, Drag, drop, PHP and Javascript reusable, components to build Ajax and Database driven web app or mashup
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    Xoops2 Torrent, Tracker/Announce Server is a comprehensives module for xoops that allows for uploading and submission of external torrents. X-Torrent is a module which offer full control of torrents in xoops, it will poll and provide a tracker to your xoops.
  12. Surface CMS
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    Surface CMS 0.5 is designed to be a framework, which generate a xml-document. There are all derivates of xml available.
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    XWAM is a client-side framework build on top of Prototype.js. XWAM tries to deduce the effort for building a perfect cross-environment web application.
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    Blandware AtleapLite is a free lightweight PHP framework (including CMS) which implements some ideas from popular Java AtLeap project. AtLeapLite is based on the well- known, reliable tools PEAR, Smarty and FCKEditor.Main Features of Blandware AtLeap Lite - CMS on PHP:- Users- roles- permissions management allows a fine- grained access control to admin console pages.- Methodology of inheritable Layouts allows ...
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    Zeroboard is a homepage building framework based on PHP and Database(MySQL/Cubrid/Sqlite). Zeroboard provides various kinds of great features to build a web site, such as web-boards, blogs, member managing, messaging and so on.
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