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    Stickleback is a general purpose plug-in framework. It ships with tools that allow developers to build and extend PHP command-line and gui applications. Stickleback forms the basis of 'r3', a web app customization and localization engine.
  2. Innomatic
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    Innomatic is an open source, mature and easy to use distributed PHP 5 Web applications container particularly oriented towards administrative and business applications such as CRM, CMS, etc. Innomatic also introduces a new way to distribute Web applications.
  3. Stato
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    Stato is an open source PHP5 web framework for rapid application development. Stato is composed with two frameworks: - a framework ORM (Object / Relational Mapping) based on ActiveRecord and QueryObject, - a View-Controller framework. A set of components in Stato: - Envoi de mails, Sending mails - Services web, Web services - Helpers Javascript et AJAX, Helpers JavaScript and ...
  4. Tangra Framework for PHP
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    Tangra Framework is a framework for development of PHP 5 applications. It's main target is to boost the productivity of the developers. It consist code library, modules and control center. General idea is by providing consistent, robust and powerful tools and environment to free the developers from annoying repetative tasks and let them concentrate on important part of the applications. ...
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    Dolcms application built using CodeIgniter PHP Framework. It provides users with a very powerful yet easy to use interface which makes cms simple and enjoyable.
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    Sistema de Gestion de Documentos Web (SGD) , con un enfoque modular, para que pueda ser modificado y adaptado a las necesidades de cada empresa,realizado con el Framework Extjs para la parte del interfaz grafica y PHP y MySQL para la parte funcional.
  7. Harmoni PHP Project
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    The Harmoni Project is an effort led by the Curricular Technologies group at Middlebury College to build an application framework and standards-based infrastructure bus to support the rapid development and easy maintenance of curricular it projects. The project is built entirely using PHP's OOP (Object Oriented Programming) model, allowing the framework code to be easily extended and enhanced. There were ...
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    Cognifty Framework offers the simplest way to build complex, vertical Web applications for your industry. Flexible enough to run other frameworks inside itself, Cognifty is the perfect choice for new integration or legacy development.
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    Quasi CMS is a CMS based on the QCodo framework. It uses AJAX when possible and has a native ecommerce system. Layout is div based and themes/styles are achieved with CSS. It is designed to be a highly flexible and extensible.
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    CenSub (Centralizador de Subsistemas) es una plataforma de desarrollo o un framework bsico que permite estructurar un proyecto evitando tener que reprogramar aspectos bsicos como la administracin de usuarios, perfiles y comportamientos grficos.
  11. Yana Framework for PHP
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    Yana Framework for PHP is a development platform for applications written in PHP/AJAX/SQL. It offers support for multiple DBMS, skins, plugins and languages to create versatile software product families. Features of Yana Framework for PHP:- suitable for building product families (Product Family Engineering)- supported database systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Oracle DB (Oci), MS SQL-Server, text files- code generator creates ...
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    Protoforge is a collaborative open systems engineering web application that allows for organizing and voting on information that is necessary for building a prototype of any kind of system.
  13. KumbiaPHP Framework
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    Kumbia PHP Framework is a full-stack MVC framework written in PHP. It is designed to developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern and other patterns as ActiveRecord and TemplateView. Optimized for PHP programmer productivity.
  14. Studis
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    Studis is a web application based on the PHP symfony framework. It is an information system mainly intended for universities and schools. Studis can handle user administration, grades distribution & notification, and perform & analyse evaluations.
  15. IVex Framework
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    The IVex Framework is the premier in php core system setups. The framework is designed with the coder in mind as it has been in non production development for over 5 years. With this framework you can propel your website development.
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