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    251 total visits
    FloBB is a flat-file PHP forum system. Using lightweight graphics and code, this is an excellent solution to extra-bloated message boards.Features of FlooBB:- Fully featured forum system- Create polls with visual results- WYSIWYG editor powered by TinyMCE- Private messages- Graphic installer- User management- User access levels- Sticky posts- Moderation controlsRequirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher- PHP with GD libraryWhat's New in ...
  2. OmegaBB
    256 total visits
    OmegaBB is an AJAX, PHP and MySQL powered discussion board. It is a free PHP Forum system. It has an unique approach to display forums, topics and thread. Features of OmegaBB:- Tabbed forums for quick and easy navigation- Notification on a side panel when any of your watched threads gets a new post- Attach an image to a post, large ...
  3. HaveFnuBB
    315 total visits
    This is an Open Source bulletin board software written in PHP, it is developed using the Jelix PHP5 framework. It also uses the 906 Grid System for its themes.Features of HaveFnuBB:- Modules- Graphic installer- Search- Multiple database support- Syntax Highlighting- Forum and posts management- User manager- Categories- CAPTCHAs- Block by IP- Logs- RSS and Atom feeds- PMs- User roles- Polls- ...
  4. QuickTalk Forum
    438 total visits
    QuickTalk forum is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable PHP forums package for web site. It has been written using the Web's quickest-growing scripting language:PHP, and is working with the most highly efficient and ultra fast back-end database engines.Features of QuickTalk Forum:- Unlimited forums and posts- Multiple language interface- Private or public forums- Powerful search utility- Secure registration (Coppa compliant)- ...
  5. XML Forum
    438 total visits
    XML Forum is a thread-oriented PHP/XML based news forum to make communication much easier for people sharing the same interests. This PHP forum runs on Windows and Apache server, no any user authorization required to design it. It is not intended for large, heavy-traffic needs, it features for easy to use and fast to implement option when you don't want ...
  6. X-Forum
    849 total visits
    X-Forum is an extensible PHP forum based on XOOPS, which is a great solution to forum requirements, complete with RSS features and image management. This free PHP project will utilize a wide range of options and allow your community to discuss issues, raise topic and solution. XOOPS 2.3 and earlier version were supported by X-Forum in response to problems with ...
  7. esoTalk
    757 total visits
    esoTalk is a free and open source PHP forum system with the aims of being as simple, fast light as possible, moreover, to provide for talented users to extend it as easy as possible. It is a forum system that tries to reinvent some features that you see everywhere in all other forum with a different manner, and also to ...
  8. In-Bulletin
    648 total visits
    In-Bulletin is a PHP forum system to help you run a Discussion Forum on your website, it acts as a central place for members of your online community or your customers to interact with each other, engage in discussions, share their experiences, discuss the information pretended on your website.WIth In-Bulletin, you can create and manage online communities of people who ...
  9. Tiny PHP Forum
    662 total visits
    Tiny PHP Forum is a simple PHP forum project to help users create new topics and threads and reply to other threads, Database free, TinyPHPForum uses text files only. Foolproof, easy, quick, tiny. Features of this PHP project include user accounts, avatars, admin functions, emoticons, skins and much more.
  10. NovaBoard
    552 total visits
    NovaBoard is a PHP forum which features for easy to install and easy to use even though you are not equipped with great PHP skills. NovaBoard is an OpenSource, powerful PHP Forum project.Features of NovaBoard:- Unlimited forums with unlimited sub-forums- BB Code with tags such as spoiler, hide, youtube- Add polls to topics- Subscribe to RSS feeds in each forum ...
  11. QuickSilver Forum
    450 total visits
    QuickSilver Forum is a simply and easy to use PHP Forum with powerful functionality.Features of QuickSilver Forum:- Full post formatting using BB code- Polls and Votes available as a topic option- Listing all new and updated topics since last visit- Adding attachments to posts- Image attachments can be viewed as part of the post- Easy to use javascript tools to ...
  12. Viscacha
    427 total visits
    Viscacha is a free bulletin board system with an integrated content management system. The intention of the software engineers is to combine the current standards with new and user friendly features. The system supports plugins and components for easily extending the core system. Viscacha uses an database abstraction layer to support as many databases as possible. Currently there is only ...
  13. KaiBB
    765 total visits
    KaiBB is a Free Bulletin Board system which can be used to create communities or power a full website based on PHP and MySQL. It is built upon Mi-Dia Core, the admins can feel safe that their forum is being run on a safe and solid base packed with features.Features of KaiBB:- Forum management- Forum categories- Admin panel- Topic management- ...
  14. ClanTiger
    1171 total visits
    ClanTiger meets the quality level of any custom written cms specifically designed for gaming clans. This clan cms aims to get you and your website the website you have always dreamed of which is also lightweight and easy to use. And if you have an idea or you simply think something suck (which is doubtable) we will certainly take it ...
  15. AEF
    680 total visits
    AEF is short for Advanced Electron Forum written in PHP and MySQL. AEF has a very simple and easy to use Administration Panel and installing AEF is a piece of cake! You can install new themes, customize themes the way you want. The User Control Panel has a simple yet beautiful interface where users can set their preferences for the ...
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